Workplace safety: the cornerstone of our business

February 1, 2018

Workplace safety: the cornerstone of our business

Providing a safe work environment for our employees is a point of pride at Solomon Corp. Our safety program, along with producing high quality-work and environmental integrity are the cornerstones of our business.

Solomon has packaged many industry best practices, tools, and approaches as a response to our specific performance and environment. “Solomon’s culture regarding safety is ambitious and unrelenting,” said Corporate Environment, Health and Safety Manager Mike Dahl. “It is grounded in a specific care and concern for the well-being of our employees and their families.”

Mike joined Solomon Corp in 2006 as the Corporate Safety Specialist and has been in his current role since 2009. In that time, he has made it a mission to make safety a total team effort. “Each employee must do his or her part to ensure there are no accidents,” he explained. “Our employees are our most important asset; their safety is our number one priority.”

“Sending our employees home safe each day means focusing on three things,” said Jerry Newton, Chief Operating Officer. “The quality of our corporate safety program, the relative safety of our work environment, and awareness and decision-making behaviors for each employee.”

Solomon Corp recently completed its annual Safety Launch Meetings. Led by the CEO and the COO, all employees attend the meetings early in the year and then again at mid-year. In 2014, we began the meetings in an attempt to elevate the importance of our safety program and initiatives to all employees. In addition to education and training, we announce the results from the previous year and discuss our goals for the coming year.

Safety by the numbers

During the meetings, Solomon Corp’s leadership announced Solomon’s 1-year OSHA rating, which is 1.37 percent. Our 36-month Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is 1.78 percent. The TRIR is determined by multiplying the number of incidents by 200,000 then dividing by the number of man-hours worked.

In 2017, we improved the quality of our safety program by mandating greater roles and responsibilities from our safety committees. We tackled safety behaviors by helping our employees recognize and deploy countermeasures to risks.

For 2018, we are striving to see better awareness and action taken to reduce risks in our work environment, and more reporting/corrective actions regarding first aids and near-misses.

One of the initiatives Mike implemented is the Destination Zero Campaign, which is our call to arms slogan for workplace safety. We don’t want a single employee to be injured at work. While we have not yet attained a Zero TRIR across the entire company, we have attained it at specific campuses and believe it is attainable across all campuses.

Mike explained that personal health, wellness, and safety are vitally important to the organization because we want our people to work to live at Solomon Corporation. “As a company, we want to make sure our employees understand that we care about more than what gets accomplished every day,” he said. “Our jobs are tough and require focus, but we all want to be in a state when we’re outside of work that we can enjoy life.”