Surplus Purchase Polemounts in Ohio

Purchasing distribution polemount transformers from an investor-owned utility in ohio

In this case, Solomon Corporation makes the most of our industry connections to create a win-win situation for the company and a client in the power-distribution industry. By making our procurement services available to clients in the utility industry, we are often able to pay them top dollar for their surplus power-generation and distribution equipment.

Upon learning that a customer had an excess inventory of unused, five-year-old GE Prolec 25 kva distribution polemount transformers, we offered to send a truck and a crew to Ohio to make the purchase. After an evaluation of the surplus distribution polemount transformers, we paid significantly above scrap-value to obtain them. Solomon Corporation’s well-trained and safety-conscious drivers then loaded and transported the 216 units back to Kansas, where they were subsequently disposed of or refurbished.

The surplus distribution polemount transformers transaction was completed in two weeks of the initial phone call from the Ohio utility. Through our procurement and transportation service, the customer saved or benefited more than they otherwise would have by keeping the surplus transformers on their property. It was a win-win for all parties involved. For more details on the product specifications related to this case study, please see the supplemental information below.

Solomon Corporation specializes in procurement, sales, and service of distribution transformers. We also offer repair, recycling, and disposal of surplus transformers and regulators. If you wish to contact Solomon Corporation for additional information, or to request a quote, please click here to contact our sales and procurement team.

Product Description

We purchased a surplus of utility pole mount transformers from a client who had excess inventory of unused GE/Prolec 25 kVa transformers.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Procurement/Surplus Purchasing

  • Sent out 2 of Our Own Drivers and Trucks to Pick Up Transformers 758 Miles Away
  • Client Loaded Units onto Our Trucks
  • Transformers Were Shipped on a Solomon Corporation Truck
  • Stored Within Our ‘Yard’ Inventory

Oil Type

Mineral Oil

Product Specifications

Phase/KVA: Single phase, 25 KVA
High Voltage Rating: 7200/12470Y
Low Voltage Rating: 120/240
Windings: Half Copper, Half Aluminum


Total Number of Units: 216
Total kVa: 5,400

Industry For use

Investor-Owned Utility

Turn Around Time

2 Weeks

Delivery Location

Transported From: Ohio

Delivered To: Kansas

Product Name

GE/Prolec 25 kVa Distribution Transformers

Testimonials from our customers

Solomon Corporation is the top manufacturer of high voltage power transformer sales, service, purchasing, repair and teardown services. Below are just a few examples of our work. If you would like more information on our products or services, please contact us today.

    My crew and I were having some difficulties troubleshooting a phase transformer bank. I contacted our sales rep, because not only is he very knowledgeable about the Solomon products we were working on, he’s also a very experienced lineman.

    He must have sensed my frustration with the situation because he took it upon himself to drive to another state just to see if he could help us. Shortly after his arrival, he noticed our problem, and it was quickly resolved.

    In a time when customer service is definitely on the decline, it’s good to see that some companies and their representatives are willing to go above and beyond. This is the reason that we’ll continue to buy Solomon transformers.

    Lee Sifton

    Electric Senior Foreman

    City of Eaton Rapids, MI

    “Once again, Solomon Corporation has exceeded expectations in helping Jewell Operations meet its goals. Thank you for your continuous efforts in design, delivery, and pricing. You have set the standard for how we purchase our assets. We look forward to working with you in the future as a Vendor of Choice. Job well done.”

    Rick Taylor

    Maintenance Manager

    SunCoke Energy Jewell Operations

    Redstone Arsenal is a four star command and the headquarters for Army Material Command. The base has over 40,000 employees, mostly engineers and scientist, who support critical on-going theater operations as well as a large on base NASA operation. My responsibility to keep base operations going with available power would be compromised without having reliable power and related components. Of these components, Solomon Corporation has a critical role in keeping base operations in power. Solomon has been a mainstay at Redstone Arsenal for about 20 years. The quality of the transformers are second to none as is their customer support. Solomon Corporation is the specifying standard for transformers at Redstone Arsenal and my preference over name brand original equipment manufactured transformers. My faith in the reliability and service of Solomon is unwavering and I don’t have any reservations about recommending them.

    Pete Green

    Senior Electrical Engineer
    US Army IMCOM

    On June 26th we had a fire burn down about 2.5 miles of our 25kv distribution line. We thought no big deal, we will just haul our mobile substation over there, and we’ll be back in business. This is the same mobile substation that Solomon Corporation re-worked for us a couple of years ago. Everything went smooth until we actually energized the unit and found we had no control power to the recloser control and no power to the cooling fans.
    I got on the phone with Terry Hamel on June 27th and explained our situation to him. He and Eric Carlson were on site on July 2nd to figure out what was wrong and to make it right! I think it is important to let someone at Solomon know how much I personally appreciate that kind of service! Eric and Terry dropped everything to get all the way out to Nevada and make sure we were taken care of.
    In fact, while they were here, we had another fire burn down nine of our 69kv transmission structures, and they wanted to know what they could do to help us out with that. I don’t know of too many companies that would do that.
    We are very isolated out here in rural Nevada, and it’s companies like yours that help me do my job. Everyone I have ever worked with at Solomon has bent over backwards to make sure I have gotten everything I have needed – from Grand Junction, CO to your headquarters in Solomon, KS. You should be proud of your employees.

    Michael J. Venturino

    Substation Technician
    Mount Wheeler Power

    The Solomon Crew did another great job with their recent project at the El Paso Electric Company (EPE) sites. The crews, as they did in the past project at EPE’s Newman Power Plant, showed that they worked as a team to complete the task at hand, and most importantly, they worked in a very safe manner. They showed professionalism and good work ethic from the time they arrived at EPE to the time they left. Bill and Ken, Solomon Field Leads, were in constant contact with me, providing daily updates from the different work sites throughout the duration of the project. EPE’s substation personnel did a final walk-through of the different sites upon completion of the project, and the substation supervisor was satisfied with the sites. The areas where equipment was located were left clean and free from any debris. I also received good feedback from EPE’s Safety Sitters, who were on-site for the duration of this project, on Solomon Crew’s professionalism.

    Oscar Trillo

    Environmental Department
    El Paso Electric Company

    The Clay Center Public Utilities Commissioners and I would like to acknowledge your efforts to resolve our problem. Your personnel, as usual, reacted professionally and went the extra mile to help. The transformer was back in service within four hours of my call. Having a resource like Solomon to respond to emergencies is very valuable to a utility. I will personally remember your efforts and share my thoughts with my fellow Utility Directors. Thank you.

    Bill Callaway

    Director Of Utilities
    Clay Center Public Utilities Commission

    I just wanted to say thanks for your help and support on the 500KVA transformer problem. We had a faulty transformer at a customer location. I contacted my Solomon Corporation Territory Manager while he was attending his kid’s basketball game. He returned the call, and provided the technical help we needed to troubleshoot the transformer. We found the problem and were able to get the customer up and running without expensive downtime.
    We want you to know that we appreciate the quick response and will contact Solomon when we have future transformer needs and repair.

    Russ Hogelin

    Company President
    Cahaba Electric, Inc.