Transportation Partnership Will Help Solomon Meet Logistics Needs

September 22, 2016

solomon truck

Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations – day in and day out – is more than just a goal for everyone at Solomon Corporation. It’s part of the company’s brand.

Solomon Corporation has its own fleet of trucks, but to meet all of its shipping needs, the company has historically relied on a large group of outside shipping companies. The company recently announced a partnership with Doug Bradley Trucking, Inc., which is located in Salina, KS. The arrangement will not affect Solomon Corp’s internal fleet but Doug Bradley will become the company’s only external logistics provider.

The arrangement is expected to have an immediate impact for Solomon Corp and for its customers. “I expect our job to get a little easier,” said Mark Bazely, Director of Process Management. “They have scope and abilities we don’t have, all of which can improve our customer service.”

Providing excellent customer service has always been a priority for Solomon Corporation. Bazely said Solomon Corporation will rely on Doug Bradley to perform responsibilities beyond just moving freight. Our new partnership will help us reach our goals in several areas:

  • Instant access to logistics – using Bradley’s real-time location tracking for all Solomon trucks and trailers, we can better predict our service levels because we will have instant access to all of this data.
  • Greater reliability – Bradley will take over maintenance and perform major repairs on Solomon’s internal fleet of trucks. We predict better reliability and up-time due to a higher degree of preventative maintenance, and access to their network of maintenance suppliers throughout the country, which we expect will improve turnaround time.
  • Improved response time – With access to, and experience with a greater number of fleet operators, Bradley will handle all calls and negotiate with transportation subcontractors, which should improve our turnaround time to requests for 3rd party freight services.
  • Increased accuracy – Solomon will begin dispatching loads through Bradley’s system which, again, should provide a better service level with less manual intervention on the part of Solomon employees.

In addition to its headquarters in Solomon, Kansas, the company has locations in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Colorado, and Texas. Solomon Corp delivers equipment anywhere in the continental United States. This new partnership with Doug Bradley Trucking will improve the company’s efficiency, allow employees to focus on core business and the company’s ability to continue offering the very best in customer service.