Transportation department focused on environmental compliance and service.

May 24, 2017

Our customers can face a number of challenges, including human error and natural disasters that can cause their equipment to fail. To meet our customers’ demands, Solomon Corporation’s transportation department is available all day, every day, to ensure that they experience as little downtime as possible.

Transportation Manager Roderick Williams oversees the department, which consists of 18 people, maintains a fleet of 30 semi-trucks, including field service/teardown trucks, route trucks and approximately 150 trailers.

To help meet that goal, the company maintains a transportation presence in eight states: Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Utah, Tennessee and Florida. “This gives us the capability to deploy a truck immediately to provide personal service to our customers,” Roderick said. Solomon drivers are permitted to operate in all states except Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. Solomon’s facilities feature commercial storage licenses for contaminated equipment and three NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) labs.

Our drivers make up the core of the transportation department. On average, our drivers travel as many as 10,000 miles each month, and collectively cover more than 3,000,000 miles annually. Roderick says when hiring a driver, Solomon Corp strives to find drivers who are loyal, honest, reliable and self-sufficient.

All drivers carry HAZMAT endorsement so that they can assist customers with any environment question or issue that might arise. Our drivers are required to possess a heavy-haul endorsement and a minimum of three years of on the road experience. However, the department exceeds that goal; the average experience of our drivers currently is 15 years.

Solomon Corp transports equipment numerous ways, typically by double drop, step deck and pan trailer (if needed). Solomon routes are based on where the purchased item is being delivered. Pickups are normally routed during delivery of the purchased items.

Environmental compliance is extremely important to our customers and our company. “Solomon Corp’s transportation department puts environmental compliance and all other safety regulations and polices first and foremost,” Roderick said. We understand that being in compliance eliminates risks that can put people in harm’s way. Solomon’s drivers are required to attend an annual regulation and polices update brief.

The transportation department plays a major role in providing value to Solomon’s customers and providing the diamond-level service the company strives for. Roderick’s goal is simple: the transportation department strives to use all resources available to get the equipment to the customer early or on time, without incident. He used an example to illustrate the drivers’ commitment.

“Our driver showed up to pick up the scheduled equipment, but the customer had not prepared the units upon the driver’s arrival,” he said. The driver immediately jumped in to help remove the bushings from the units to make it possible to load. “Because the driver assisted, that kept the customer on track with their shipments and Solomon on track with our deliveries.”

Solomon Corporation specializes in sales and service of oil-filled transformers and industrial transformers. We also offer technical support to the electrical distribution industry, as well as repair, recycling and disposal of transformers, reclosers, and regulators. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at or call 800-234-2867.