Solomon teams with innovative partner to help customers protect their investment

September 17, 2018

Innovation drives Solomon because it offers the potential to make our processes more efficient and save our customers money. Although we strive for it in-house, we constantly look for it outside our four walls in other areas of the industry. And we’re excited about a new partnership that has developed recently, which can have a tremendous impact for our customers.

Corrosion issues have been a constant topic of discussion in the electrical power industry, but no one developed a solution to provide more corrosion resistant transformers in high humidity or corrosive environments.

“Solomon chose to partner with TransArmour as a result of our never-ending quest to provide our clients with the best products and services,” said Steve Holland, company champion of TransArmour Products.

Through an industry connection, Solomon heard about a new company developing technologically advanced coatings that could provide a solution to end corrosion. TransArmour’s coatings can be used on pole line hardware, transformers, distribution equipment, substations, poles, distribution poles, structures and radiators.

TransArmour’s mission is to develop longer-lasting coatings that will help save companies money in maintenance costs. After months of research, development and testing, TransArmour officially launched in January 2017. By utilizing the very latest technology, it has engineered innovative coatings to solve corrosion issues on the grid.

In addition to lower maintenance costs, because TransArmour has developed coatings for use on a variety of metals, Solomon customers will be able to save money on capital investments. “Adding this product ties to Solomon’s philosophy to exceed our customers’ expectations in every area of our business,” Steve said.

The TransArmour and Solomon Corp partnership is a good fit for the two innovation-driven companies. Solomon works to build value-added partnerships that complement our core competencies, which helps us build more reliable, longer-lasting equipment that will help our customers save time and money, and mitigate the possibility of costly downtime.

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