Solomon sponsors International Lineman’s Rodeo

October 26, 2018

Solomon Corporation celebrates the contributions linemen make to our communities every year. We sponsor the International Lineman’s Rodeo (ILR), a competition that focuses on lineman safety.

This year’s event was held on Saturday, Oct. 13, in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The event is the culmination of a four-day event held in the Kansas City area, and includes the ILR Safety & Training Conference, the Expo, apprentice training, and Barbecue and Trade Night. More than 200 teams qualified for the ILR this year. They participate in Hurtman rescue, pole climb, written tests, and a few mystery events.

“For the past six years, we’ve been a sponsor at the ILR,” said Cindy Curry, Marketing Manager. “We love having a presence at the event.” Our booth at this year’s event provided free coffee and hot chocolate to attendees.

In 1984, a very small group of individuals organized the first ever National Lineman’s rodeo. The primary purpose of the event then, as now, was to help maintain a focus on safety and safe work practices. It also provides a forum for the public to better understand and recognize the technical craft skills the linemen have, as well as an opportunity for the professional craftspeople in the linework trade to receive recognition for their skills. It has always been a goal for the participants to have fun while sharing work knowledge with others from different companies and different parts of the country.

Promoting safety – our #1 priority
Throughout the year, there are numerous competitions across the country, which serve as qualifying events for the ILR. Solomon Corp supports many of them. The lineman rodeos emphasize lineman skills and safety. It is also a celebration and recognition of the lineman profession.

“Like first responders, linemen are on the front lines during power outages caused by hurricanes, ice storms, fires, heat waves, etc.,” Cindy said. “In the best of conditions, the job of a lineman is incredibly dangerous. We sponsor this event in appreciation of what they do.”

Honoring linemen throughout the year
Solomon Corporation honors the men and women who work day-in and day-out to provide safe and reliable power to customers across the country. They make our lives easier, working behind the scenes with little fanfare, and it’s only fitting that we honor them for the contributions they make.

We have a consistent history of supporting the Fallen Lineman organization through fundraisers, cash donations and the donating transformers to the rodeo. In addition to event sponsorship, in the past Solomon has also sponsored five scholarships for individuals who wanted to pursue the profession of journeyman lineman. Recipients were nominated and chosen through the ILR scholarship committee.

Additionally, our employees held a fundraiser for four summers at a local festival and donated the proceeds to The Fallen Lineman Organization, whose mission is to memorialize fallen electrical line workers, and care for the families who have lost or whose lives are impacted by a severe injury of a loved one on the job.