Solomon: Your Single Source For Comprehensive Transformer Service And Repair

April 22, 2015

Electricity is dependent on the flow of negatively charged electron particles. Measured in units or amperes, the electrons pass through a cross section of wire each second, transmitting and distributing power. Whether the energy transfer is part of a network or is independent, high voltage transformers are responsible for moving energy from one circuit to another and exchanging energy from high voltage to low. The transformers may also include features for electrical isolation, power distribution and control, and instrumentation applications that use magnetic induction between the coils to convert voltages from one level or configuration to another.

This transmission and distribution of electricity is a key element in supplying what many of us think of as “The Basics,” supplying Americans with a constant supply of heating, light and always-on connectivity. As a result, even during unusual events such as the nationally televised 34 minute blackout of the 2013 Super Bowl fans were still able to surf the internet, and post and tweet through social media sites. This is further evidence of the power of transformers to provide a dependable stream of power, even in the most abnormal of circumstances.


Solomon Corporation is the go-to source for the installation and repair of oil-filled and distribution transformers. With more than 40 years of experience in the sales and service of high voltage transformers, Solomon provides primary bushing inserts, wells, bayonets and gauges for substation, padmount, and polemont transformers. In addition to stocking new and refurbished transformer components and parts for more than 15 manufacturers such as GE, RTE, Westinghouse and Cooper, Solomon Corporation is also ready to offer technical support for those in the electrical distribution industry with convenient regional locations in Solomon, Kansas; Decatur, Tennessee; Georgetown, Texas; and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Available day or night, Solomon Corporation’s qualified technicians can repair, troubleshoot, test and inspect your equipment so it’s back in good working order fast. Contact Solomon’s experienced technicians with questions about repair, recycling, PCB Testing, and how to dispose of regulators (available for all types of equipment up to 499ppm PCB) and transformers. From manufacturing and the military to government and sporting arenas, Solomon Corporation is a smart choice for single source comprehensive power equipment service and repair.

Solomon Corp’s Recent High Voltage Transformer Applications

  • Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course
  • Toilet Paper Manufacturing Facility
  • NCAA Division 1 Football Stadium
  • NASCAR Tracks
  • NASA