Solomon Opens New Coil Winding Center

May 4, 2017

The New Winding Center opened up in April. This Winding Center is equipped with state-of-the-art aluminum winding machines; these will be used to keep up with our growth and increased demands. Solomon purchased additional winding machines to offer the same quick turn-around times that customers have come to expect.

The addition of two new machines allows Solomon Corp to wind aluminum as well as copper coils, giving our customers more choice when choosing the coil type. One winds the smaller coils (5-50 KVA), the other winds 25-167 coils. They are semi-automated machines requiring fewer manual processes. The larger machine also has an automatic welder to weld busbar onto foil.

The machines require a shorter training period in comparison to Solomon’s existing winding machines. As Corey Woods, OJT Supervisor stated: “There will be special training that will coincide with the existing training for all winders. We’ll have a minimum of two winders per machine per shift capable of operating the machines.”

The new machines will ensure tight windings. This allows greater tension to be applied to the winding conductors during the manufacture of the coils. This additional tension on the conductors during the coil manufacturing will increase the bonding pressure of the conductors and the epoxy coated insulation. The improved conductor bonding will improve the short circuit strength of the coil. The new winding machines will allow Solomon to wind aluminum foil conductor in the LV winding in 25 kva coils and larger. “The aluminum foil conductor will improve the heat dissipation of the coils and increase the short circuit strength, which is inherent in a foil wound coil,” said Ken Puetz, Director of Engineering.

The new machines have the ability to wind aluminum or copper. The trend in the industry is leaning towards aluminum. Solomon typically sees more units wound in aluminum than copper. Woods said “We will still be able to wind an all copper coil for those customers that request it.”

For more information or to request a quote, visit us at or call 800-234-2867.