Solomon Corporations Improves Safety Record With Strong Adherence To Ppe

July 21, 2015

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for enhancing safety and potentially saving lives within the workplace. Its use is instrumental in preventing harm and/or minimizing the risks of exposure, but PPE is only effective when it’s properly selected, fitted, cared for and worn by the individual it’s intended to protect. Protective glasses with a tendency to slide down the nose, gloves that are a bit too big or too small or footwear that’s seen too many days of wear are all signs of ineffective PPE and a potential danger.


  1. Inspect the condition of PPE prior to use and at the end of a shift. Small holes, tears and tiny cracks can render equipment faulty and potentially dangerous.
  2. Wear PPE as mandated by the guidance of a supervisor. Managers serve as a visual reminder of necessary PPE in each environment.
  3. Assume PPE is always mandatory for all work environments, in and out of the field.
  4. Report when PPE is not working properly or is in need of replacement.
  5. Mitigate risks by ensuring and cross-checking that all fellow employees adhere to necessary PPE requirements every shift, every day.

Safety: Priority No. 1

Solomon Corporation’s primary concern is the safety of its employees and customers. This regard is visible in our 2.7 OSHA recordable rating in 2014. Although this is a commendable safety record, Solomon Corporation and its employees discovered room for improvement through consistent adherence to PPE requirements. These safety tweaks came in the form of the so-called “small” things such as remembering to replace safety glasses after a break or removing the potential danger of a wedding band. Rather than accepting near misses and minor injuries as normal, Solomon targets all PPE infractions, making adherence no longer optional.

Goal of Zero Infractions

In our quest to improve the overall safety of each employee, Solomon launched a campaign simply called “PPE NOT OPTIONAL.” Support for the initiative comes from reminders in signage, t-shirts, rubber stamps and news postings. These visible reminders help reinforce the critical PPE message for the employee and add incentive to watch out for co-workers, too.

Since the inception of the campaign at the beginning of the year, Solomon is proud to report zero PPE-related recordables and a decrease in incidence of PPE-related injuries. PPE NOT OPTIONAL results in healthier employees and a culture of pride and safety awareness. Solomon’s TRIR average for 2015 is 1.13 with a 36-month average of 3.81 at Solomon Corporation’s locations in Solomon, Kansas; Decatur, Tennessee; Georgetown, Texas; and Grand Junction, Colorado.