Solomon Corporation Safety Record

March 10, 2016

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Solomon Corporation prides itself on an excellent safety record. Our high-quality work and environmental integrity are cornerstones of our businesses. When it comes to safety performance, excellence cannot be achieved without each employee doing his or her part to ensure there are no accidents. We are so proud of this accomplishment and are grateful to each of our team members for helping to reach our current rating. Our number one priority is to get our most important asset, our employees, home safely at the end of each day.

In 2015, our safety performance was outstanding. With no OSHA recordable in December, our year’s end TRIR is 1.76, well below well below our previous year’s accomplishment of a 2.7 TRIR. Our 26-month running TRIR average is 3.57; this number establishes a long-running sustainable safety excellence record that is among the top in our industry and a record for Solomon Corporation. While this is something to celebrate, we aggressively continue to improve our programs and sustain a culture of safety excellence and improvement.

We conducted employee safety perception surveys in November 2015 to measure our internal safety performance in several areas. An essential element of our safety program relies on employee participation and directly contributes to the overall success of our company. This exercise produced several new initiatives for 2016 including: implementation of the “Observation, Suggestion, Near Miss” program, enhanced risk and hazard analysis, expand auditing/inspection process and our “See Something, Say Something” campaign, which will be our call to Action.

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the great people of Solomon Corporation as we continue our journey towards Sustainable Safety Excellence.

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