Solomon Corporation Receives Nelap Accreditation At Georgetown Laboratory | Solomon Corporation

December 24, 2014

Solomon Corporation is very proud to announce that our laboratory in Georgetown, Texas has been accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP)! This is the end of a year-long project on behalf of Lab Director Lisa Elliot and lab technicians Monica Selvera and Leroy Williams. Acquiring the certification required the implementation of new standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality assurance plans, as well as added training and documentation. Solomon Corporation also added additional staff to the Georgetown facility, allowing us to continue to maintain the level of quality that we knew we needed to provide.

We originally acquired the Georgetown laboratory from the Texas Electric Cooperative (TEC), which is our partner at our Georgetown location, several years ago, and we’ve been running it remotely for most of that time. We invested heavily in the laboratory facility in order to upgrade the existing equipment and infrastructure. When Lisa transferred from the Solomon, Kansas lab to the TEC/Solomon facility a year ago, her primary goal was to get the lab up to the rigorous standards required for NELAP accreditation. Creating the processes, procedures, and a quality team to ensure compliance was a massive undertaking, but Lisa and her team were up to the challenge!

The NELAP accreditation will expand the capabilities of the Georgetown lab, allowing it to perform PCB testing and accept testing samples from outside our member co-ops, as well as expanding our ability to perform testing for other states. NELAP accreditation ensures that a lab meets the best professional practices in the industry, and is established through an on-site lab audit, as well as ongoing semi-annual blind QC studies and bi-annual audits from the state.

The NELAP program relies on consensus standards which are then implemented by state agencies recognized as Accreditation Bodies. The NELAP accreditation of the Georgetown lab was performed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. NELAP accreditation across multiple states will greatly expand Solomon Corporation’s ability to perform testing and reporting across state lines and from outside our member co-ops, increasing our testing capacity and allowing us to spread work more evenly between labs.

The next step for Lisa Elliot and her team at the Georgetown lab is to start leveraging the lab’s new capacities by bringing in external customer samples. We’re planning to level out the amount of work being performed in our labs by sending some of the work from the Solomon lab to the Georgetown facility, freeing up capacity and improving our ability to process untested units.

The TEC/Solomon Corp. Alliance facility in Georgetown currently employs just under 100 people and is one of several Solomon Corporation facilities spread across four states. We’re proud that it’s our latest laboratory to receive NELAP certification, and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities the expanded facility will supply for Georgetown and for Solomon Corporation.