Solomon Corporation Donates 15 kva Polemount Transformer to Power New Facilities for Christian Family Movement in Mexico

May 20, 2019

At Solomon Corporation, one of our corporate values is giving back and supporting the communities we serve. We foster a culture of giving that extends beyond corporate donations and encourages our employees to volunteer in the community, which usually means their home town.
But recently we had the opportunity to support a need beyond our service area. This was a request from Mexico, from folks who are related to an employee of one our customers. The request was for a transformer, and it came from an outpost of the Christian Family Movement in Cuauhtemoc, a city located in the state of Chihuahua. The organization needed the transformer to power facilities it is building for workshops, spiritual retreats and other family support activities.
Fortunately, the leaders behind this effort are related to Efrain Hernandez, an employee of Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) in Sedalia, Colo. IREA is a customer of Solomon Corporation, and Hernandez advised his relatives in the Christian Family Movement to reach out to us.
In a Jan. 3 letter, Constancio and Francisca Cereceres said they were requesting our “valuable help for the construction of the facilities we require for the development of our activities. We have to achieve a more just and equitable society. We emphasize our willingness to continue promoting Christian human values in the families of our region, and for this we require adequate spaces in which to share workshops, talks, spiritual retreats and all those resources that serve a useful tool to achieve the goal. The support we are requesting is a transformer.”
Solomon Corporation jumped at the chance to help, and we arranged for a 15 kva polemount transformer to be sent from our Grand Junction, Colorado service center. Hernandez will personally deliver the transformer to Cuauhtemoc this month.
We are happy to be able help a caring organization such as this and fulfill our company’s commitment to giving back, in the communities we serve and beyond.
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