Solomon Corporation contributing to the future of the profession of Journeyman Lineman

September 1, 2015

Solomon Corporation is proud to be involved in a number of endeavors designed to support the electrical power industry and its future employees by helping to equip the next generation with the skills and know-how for working with distribution equipment such as reclosers, voltage regulators, load tap changers, transformers and other industry-related equipment.

Sponsoring the International Lineman’s Rodeo Scholarship

The Lineman is one of the riskiest, important and most rewarding professions in our nation. In admiration of this important job, Solomon Corporation is proud to sponsor a $2,000 scholarship to an individual pursuing a career as a journey lineman. This is the second year that Solomon Corporation will sponsor the scholarship through the International Lineman’s Rodeo and Expo.

The scholarship is named for Bob Rengal, a KCPL employee who served the industry from 1967-1997. After his retirement, friends and colleagues continue to remember Rengal as the enthusiastic and dedicated grounds coordinator for the lineman’s rodeo, and someone whose contributions remain an integral part of the annual event. The celebration of teamwork and the all-weather commitment of our nation’s linemen spans 32 years. This year’s event will take place Saturday, Oct. 17th, in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Hands-On Commitment

In addition to its contribution at this year’s Lineman’s Rodeo and Expo, Solomon’s engineers and technicians regularly find themselves in front of students and utilities across the country in an effort to provide current educational information on transformers and electrical distribution equipment. This commitment also includes the donation of electrical distribution equipment to colleges, universities and other learning institutions. This equipment allows students and those currently in the field to work on equipment in a learning setting.

One of these educational initiatives includes the provision of refurbished equipment and the modification of a load tap changers for equipment donated by Westar Energy of Kansas for the Substation Training Lab in Concordia, Kansas. Located in an area along I-70 with a number of existing wind farms, it’s the perfect spot for a training facility. The Substation Training Lab opened Nov. 12, 2014, on the campus of Cloud County Community College (CCCC). The modified equipment allows CCCC wind energy technology instructors to create troubleshooting practice for students, providing a controlled environment for simulating in-the-field challenges. Currently the only lab of its kind in the country, the Substation Training Lab offers hands-on experience with load tap changers, substation transformers, reclosers, voltage regulators and other equipment.

The Necessity of Continuing Efforts

Efforts such as these demonstrate one more way the industry is looking to remedy a predicted labor shortage as up to 60% of the electrical workforce plans to retire. Solomon Corporation is proud to be a part of this ongoing effort to ready a new generation of technicians and electrical engineers.

Solomon Corporation specializes in sales and service of oil-filled transformers and distribution transformers. We also offer technical support to the electrical distribution industry, as well as repair, recycling, and disposal of transformers, reclosers, and regulators. For more information or to request a quote, please click here to contact our sales and procurement team.