Solomon Corp expands its footprint with new acquisition

August 13, 2018

Solomon Corporation recently completed an agreement with A-Line E.D.S. to acquire Dakota American Transformers (DAT). Located in Flandreau, South Dakota, the acquisition will allow Solomon Corp to expand its geographic footprint and service territory. DAT specializes in repairing, reconditioning and remanufacturing transformers, voltage regulators and reclosers.

The new acquisition will add critical capacity, inventory and qualified technicians. The sale includes two operational facilities located in Flandreau, a small community 46 miles north of Sioux Falls. “This was an excellent strategic fit for Solomon Corporation,” said Mitch Sweigart, Business Development Manager. “We’re experiencing significant growth and this acquisition provides timely, instant capacity expansion for our core product lines.”

The additional facility will allow Solomon to maintain the short lead times that its customers need, and have come to expect. “The location puts resources closer to the entire customer base in the Upper Midwest and we’ll be able to provide higher levels of service to these industrial and utility accounts,” Sweigart said.

In addition to the capacity and technicians, Solomon will be acquiring over 3,000 pieces of electrical equipment from A-Line. According to Sweigart, “The transformer inventory that we are gaining through this acquisition will be spread amongst all of our facilities and help us meet customer needs nationwide.”

Solomon Corp initiated discussions with A-Line E.D.S in January 2018 and the discussion gradually progressed over the following months. With the agreement in place, one of the first priorities will be making improvements to the facilities and its processes to provide electrical equipment to our customers at a high speed and quality. The facilities offer much room for expansion as demand for Solomon Corporation equipment continues to grow throughout the region.

Solomon Corporation is committed to growing and finding ways to add value for our customers and employees. “One of our key goals is to expand our geographic footprint and this acquisition provides an excellent fit,” Sweigart said. “We’ll continue to find ways to expand in the coming years as the industry demand continues to grow for the quality, speed, and service that Solomon provides.” This is the second acquisition over the past year by Solomon Corporation. Last summer Solomon completed an acquisition of Kansas Electric Cooperatives Apparatus and Testing Division.

Founded in 1971, Solomon Corp is the nation’s largest rebuilder of transformers, regulators and reclosers. The company is committed to providing unmatched service to utility and industrial customers nationwide. Engineering support, safety and environmental records, and dedication to delivering quality products have set Solomon apart from the competition for more than 40 years.