Solomon Corp achieves high quality rating from Olin

August 30, 2018

Solomon Corp recently received an excellent performance rating from Olin Brass, one of our major consumers of our copper chops.

As part of its supplier quality control program, Olin sends ratings to vendors twice a year. The mid-year score is determined by the amount of material accepted versus the amount of material rejected. From January-June 2018, Solomon performed at an exceptional level in the purity of the product shipped.

Beginning in January 2018, we began supplying Olin with recycled copper. “We started sending one truckload a month,” said Mark Bazely, Director of Operations. “Based on our quality and ease of doing business, we now send eight to ten truckloads per month and that number is increasing. Olin LOVES our product.”

This is testament to the company’s commitment to continually improve the quality of all the products we sell. “With a world class customer like Olin, a great quality rating is required to maintain and increase the business,” Mark added.

Solomon Corp built its business on recycling components and refurbishing transformers. When we don’t refurbish a transformer, it is stripped down and goes to recycling. More than 90 percent of all the weight that goes into manufacturing a transformer is a commodity that can be recycled. Over the years, recycling material has become an important part of our business model and we recycle thousands of tons of aluminum, copper, mineral oil, and steel each year.

When Mark joined Solomon in February 2016 as Director of Process Management, he made building the recycling side of the business a priority. “We’re stepping up the quality processes in our commodities, as well as our rebuilt product lines,” Mark explained. “We’re applying some science and quality assurance techniques to ensure we can sell the highest purity product possible.”

We instituted regular lab analysis of our product lines and have installed rare earth magnets to manage ferrous contamination. We also purchased and put into use a LIBS scanner (laser spectroscopy) so we can perform more routine quality assurance practices.

According to Mark, the primary credit for attaining this rating from Olin goes to the Kansas salvage crew and its extreme diligence in the absence of automated systems to pre-sort the materials prior to processing. Led by Doug Frase, Alex Manwaring, Adam Sanchez, and Jesus Lopez, the team (Valente Bujanda, Todd Meade, Francisco Marino, Fernando de la Mora and Devon Heier) consistently delivers a top-quality product, day in and day out.

“This also is recognition that the entire reclamation production team is doing a great job with a difficult task,” Mark said. “the folks in all our locations who perform sortation also own this success. Without their diligence, the Kansas crew would face an impossible task.”

Founded in 1971, Solomon Corp is one of the nation’s largest rebuilders and recyclers of transformers, regulators and reclosers. We strive to improve quality in everything we do. Customers are loyal to suppliers that provide reliable, high-quality products, and are responsive when questions arise. Solomon Corp epitomizes this every day, and our improving supply relationship with Olin is validation.