Solomon completes transformer design for data center in Washington state

June 22, 2018

At Solomon Corp, we say yes when presented with a challenge. Capstone, a division of Salcido Enterprises in Wenatchee, Washington, presented our engineers with a unique challenge. And we came through with a unique solution.

The company needed units built for its bitcoin data-mining centers. Data center servers produce a high level of harmonic distortion, which translates to higher heat in the transformer coils than the normal loading would present.

Data centers normally use indoor, dry type transformers, but Capstone preferred a durable outdoor, mineral oil-style of manufacture, but with a design normally reserved for indoor, dry-type ansi Nema 1 transformers. Normally, only dry-type manufacturers build transformers that can handle heavy computer loads without overheating.

Saying yes to the challenge

Our engineers specially designed and wound liquid-filled transformers for this unique industrial application. They designed a harmonic-rated, K-13 winding with electrostatic shielding, which was perfect to handle the Capstone application.

Solomon completed 48 special three-phase 500 kva padmount transformers for Capstone. The project took four months from start to finish, completed not just on time, it was delivered ahead of the committed schedule. In addition to engineering, the winding, pad shop, paint and test shops were essential to seeing this project completed on time.

Capstone was happy with the completed project and has recently requested that we design 48 more transformers for a new project. “Solomon has since been approached by several other data center contractors who have stated they had no idea this design could be done with a liquid-filled transformer,” said Keith Kenney, Business Development Manager.

Understanding our customers’ needs and building a quality product are what drives Solomon Corp. If you’re facing a challenging problem, we can help devise a solution. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at or call 800-234-2867.