Solomon buy-back program helps customers’ bottom lines

February 13, 2019

Helping our customers improve their bottom lines is part of the services that Solomon Corporation provides. The buy-back program allows customers that need temporary power to purchase transformers for temporary use. We will buy it back when they’re finished.

“For some time, we’ve been discussing the program, and it’s been in place partially. It’s just not been a formal process until now,” said Dennis Williams, Director of Marketing and Channel Operations. “It’s ideal for supply houses, contractors, industrials, and others facing both planned or unplanned situations.”

New construction is the logical industry that would benefit from a buy-back program. A new building, addition to a campus, or a remodel waiting for permanent power would be a perfect example. Other benefactors may include shows and events, such as conventions, fairs, outdoor competitions, just to name a few.

Power you need, when, and where you need it
Solomon Corp offers the buy-back program at all seven locations and from other partner locations throughout the country. “Typically, temporary power is not that urgent of a need, but in cases of emergency, it can be available the same day,” Dennis said.

The process couldn’t be more convenient; Solomon makes it hassle-free with delivery and if the customer chooses, we can also provide start-up services. It’s worry-free, too, because our warranty is included in the price and covers the unit while you’re using it. Plus, you also have the option to return the equipment if you decide you don’t want to keep it.

How it helps
Solomon has developed a stock of transformers across the country to meet the needs of our customers. The sale price of the unit, and the price for which we’ll buy it back, appears on the same quote. “We want our customers to have the all-in knowledge of what the asset is worth now and when they’re finished using it,” Dennis explained.

To offer organizations another option for temporary power, we can also quote a monthly rental rate. “ About six months is the breakeven for the customer to decide whether to rent, do buyback, or simply purchase the unit outright,” Dennis said. At Solomon, we consider our customers partners and want to give them options and flexibility that best fit the customers’ needs.

Organizations can choose to utilize the stocking program that includes dry type, liquid filled, pads, poles, and substations, all of which are in stock and available. Coming later this year, the same process will apply for temporary cable needs to hook up your transformers. You can rent both primary and secondary cables, which will ship out with your transformers.

Choosing temporary power can help organizations in several ways, including:
• Asset management – depending on the situation, it can help in capital expense or insurance-related activities
• Greenfield projects and additions to a facility – temporary power assets sometimes are not used in building final design and construction. Now you have options for these assets.
• Production uptime –- less reliance on generators when you’ve lost a transformer

Developing the temporary power program is another example of how we say YES when it comes to helping our customers. To learn more about how Solomon Corporation can solve your temporary power or any of your transformer, regulator, recloser and field services needs visit us at or call 800-234-2867