Solomon Awarded Million Work Hours Award

March 24, 2015

solomon-awardAs a member of the National Safety Council (NSC) since 2007, Solomon Corporation values a continuous commitment to workplace safety. In recognition of its initiative, Solomon recently received the Million Work Hours Award from the National Safety Council. The prestigious award acknowledges Solomon’s safe operation of 1,196,035 employee hours without an occupational illness or injury involving days away from work. Founded in 1913, the National Safety Council is the country’s leading safety advocate and is an excellent resource for Solomon Corporation in our Journey to Safety Excellence.


  • Zero fatalities for a least 1 million consecutive work hours
  • Zero injuries involving time away from work for at least 1 million consecutive work hours
  • Zero work-related illnesses involving time away from work for at least 1 million consecutive work hours

Continuing Commitment to Improved Safety Standards

In 2004, the company earned a 2.7 rating from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While this rating is significantly lower than the industry average of 5.0 and above, Solomon Corporation is working to make safety even more of a priority for our staff and customers this year. We plan to achieve these enhanced safety standards through increased vigilance from our employees and physical improvements to the workplace. Currently, we are at a 1.01 recordable rate for 2015. Our goal is to sustain or lower that rate throughout the year.

Safety and Compliance: Built into Everything We Do

The recognition from NSC’s Million Work Hours Award and OSHA rating is a great way to outwardly demonstrate our continued commitment to safety. This is something that’s been a principle of the company since its founding in 1971. Inherent in this is the belief that safety, quality and environmental compliance go hand-in-hand for both our employees and our customers. With more than forty years of experience in the power-generation industry, Solomon Corporation knows the importance of communicating and demonstrating the proper handling, testing and disposal of PCB- and non-PCB-contaminated equipment.

This company-wide effort includes proprietary cradle-to-grave record keeping services for all equipment that Solomon Corporation services, maintains, disposes, recycles or decommissions. We see this offering as not only something that’s “right” to do but something that will also be a benefit to our customers throughout the nation. Solomon’s cradle-to-grave bookkeeping enables each customer to maintain up-to-date environmental, safety and health information records and ensure better compliance for companies throughout the industry. To learn more about these Environmental Service offerings, please contact a member of our environmental team.

Solomon’s Recycling and Disposal Services for PCB- and Non-PCB Contaminants

  • Testing
  • Pumping
  • Transportation
  • Disposal