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Transformer Repair Services

With over 40 years in the business, Solomon Corporation knows that our customers can greatly extend the life of their power-generation equipment through repair and remanufacturing. And, we know that they reap huge savings by repairing their existing equipment over buying new from the manufacturer. That’s why we have a team of experienced engineers on staff – ready to repair, recondition, redesign, or remanufacture their transformers and other related equipment. In addition, we offer field maintenance and repair, as well as PCB testing, and field dressing and undressing.

Transformer Repair: Why stress over finding a replacement that meets specifications and space requirements when you can have your transformer repaired and returned by a known expert in the industry? We repair all sizes of single and three-phase polemount, padmount, and substation transformers with Load Tap Changers up to 25 MVA and 69 KV. Our experienced engineers maintain strict adherence to ANSI/IEEE standards. With a Solomon Corporation repair or remanufacture, your transformer will be returned like new and perform like new. And best of all, your transformer will fit back into its existing location without modification. Click here to learn more! 

Field Maintenance and Repair: Solomon Corporation’s field maintenance and repair team is ready to take on large field maintenance jobs, as well as small. We repair transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit reclosers, and padmounted switches. Each member of our field maintenance and repair team is highly-trained and outfitted with state-of-the-art testing equipment and repair tools. Let our maintenance and repair crews troubleshoot, repair, test, and inspect your equipment to ensure that it is quickly in working order. Click here to learn more!

PCB Testing: Solomon Corporation is a leading resource for PCB testing and transformer disposal. We use methods that comply with EPA requirements. Once a PCB level is determined, Solomon Corporation can provide transportation to our licensed storage facility for appropriate disposal (available for all types of equipment up to 499ppm PCB). Click here to learn more!

Field Dressing and Undressing: We perform disassembly, transportation, repair, and return of power transformer substations. Let Solomon Corporation prep your unit for shipping to your chosen repair facility, as well as return and assemble your equipment after repairs have been completed. Click here to learn more!