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Substation Field Teardown

The average substation transformer has a service life of 50-60 years. So, when it’s time to dismantle the old substation, you’ll want to make sure that it’s done by seasoned professionals who stick to the rules and regulations. With over 40 years in the power system equipment service and repair business, Solomon Corporation has become a valued resource for dismantling substation transformers with highest-level environmental compliance.

Solomon Corporation delivers environmentally compliant on-site decommissioning services. When it’s time to tear down one of your substation transformers, Solomon Corporation has highly-qualified crews ready to roll out a decommissioning plan that includes oil draining and sampling, disconnection and removal of all external equipment, removal and disassembly of core and coil assembly, testing, cleanup, and inspection. Solomon Corporation even provides a forensic evaluation service for when your transformer has somehow failed in the field.

Our professional crews provide all equipment for every decommissioning job. In addition, we pride ourselves on a safe, clean, and environmentally compliant decommissioning service. We can tear down substation transformers as large as 1,200,000 pounds. After which, Solomon Corporation removes all materials and will leave your site in its original condition and debris free.

When it comes to knowledge, training, and certification on every substation field teardown job, Solomon Corporation is the name to remember. For more information about our field teardown services, read below or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your complete decommissioning needs.


field-teardown1-bigWhy Field Teardown?

The transformer has either failed or has become obsolete for the customer’s current system. Due to the size of the transformer, once it has been determined that shipping is impractical, the field teardown crew is sent to dismantle the unit on-site. Decommissioning on-site allows Solomon Corporation to maximize the value of the unit’s raw material components.


Capabilities and Services

  • Experience – Our highly qualified Solomon Corporation crews have over 40 years experience in decommissioning and repairing power-class transformers.
  • Project Assessment – Solomon Corporation professionally assesses the type of decommissioning services customers may need, such as prep and load only, rigging and crane, or complete field teardown. No matter the job, our goal is to provide exceptional service.
  • Complete Decommissioning – Safe, efficient and environmentally-compliant dismantling of power-class transformers and all ancillary equipment.
  • Forensic Evaluation – Solomon Corporation provides customers with detailed unit failure analysis.
  • Site Restoration Services – Solomon Corporation provides Greenfield and/or Brownfield site restoration services with exceptional account management and qualified environmental supervisory staff to support these services.field-teardown4field-teardown2field-teardown3