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Single and 3-phase Substations

Liquid-filled, substation transformers are the ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and utility applications. As the nation’s largest independent provider of substation transformers, Solomon Corporation is constantly on the lookout for decommissioned units we can purchase from electric companies and large investor-owned utilities. Solomon Corporation then refurbishes or remanufactures these transformers, giving them a second useful life.

Our rebuilt substation transformers are of significant value to customers who are looking for custom solutions. Rebuilt substation transformers can be had with quick turn-around times, professional engineering, and a wealth of technical support. Solomon Corporation regularly buys substation transformers from electric companies, electrical contractors, and large investor-owned utilities. Currently, Solomon Corporation is looking to acquire substation transformers up to 25 mva, 69 kv, and 120,000 lbs.

Don’t let surplus substation transformers or related equipment sit idle on your property. We can help you maximize your return on investment, as we often pay higher than scrap value, regardless of the volume. If you want to turn your unused substation transformer into cash, contact Solomon Corporation in Solomon, Kansas, Osage City, Kansas,¬†Georgetown, Texas, Decatur, Tennessee, or Grand Junction, Colorado. Or simply click here to reach a territory manager in your state.

Whether you are buying, selling or repairing a substation transformer, Solomon Corporation is your complete solution. Solomon Corporation specializes in sales and service of substation transformers, as well as other distribution transformers and voltage regulators. We also offer repair services on substation transformers, as well as field undressing, transportation, and disposal services. For more information or to contact Solomon Corporation, please click here.