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Solomon Corporation is the nation’s largest independent provider of oil circuit recloser (OCR) repair and maintenance services. And, Solomon Corporation is actively buying OCRs from electric companies, electrical contractors, and large investor-owned utilities. Each OCR will be refurbished or remanufactured for resale.

Why settle for scrap value on your surplus OCRs?

If you’re looking to turn your surplus OCR equipment into cash, Solomon Corporation can offer your company or utility fair value for your decommissioned equipment.

Solomon Corporation buys oil circuit reclosers. We are primarily interested in acquiring reclosers that are single-phase and three-phase, of all types and amperages. We are also interested in buying surplus sectionalizers, switches, and electronic controls. Each piece of for-sale equipment can be picked up by one of our mobile service trucks.

Don’t let surplus OCRs or other similar equipment sit idle in your warehouse or on your lot. If you want to turn your unused assets into cash, contact Solomon Corporation in Solomon, Kansas, Osage City, Kansas, Georgetown, Texas, Decatur, Tennessee, or Grand Junction, Colorado. You’ll be doing the industry and the environment a favor by allowing Solomon Corporation to rebuild your surplus oil circuit reclosers and put them to work for another utility company here in the U.S.A.

Whether you are buying, selling or repairing an oil circuit recloser, Solomon Corporation is your complete solution. Solomon Corporation specializes in sales and service of oil circuit reclosers and switches, as well as distribution transformers. We also offer repair services, recycling, and disposal of transformers and oil circuit recloser units. For more information or to contact Solomon Corporation, please click here.