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PCB Testing

Transformers of known PCB content (polychlorinated biphenyl) over 50 ppm (parts per million) must be handled and disposed of in a manner that adheres to a strict code of Federal regulations (4O CFR Part 761). And, Solomon Corporation can help.

Solomon Corporation has more than 40 years in the business of handling, testing, decommissioning, and disposing of power-class transformers. For the benefit of our power-distribution industry clients, Solomon Corporation offers the services of our on-site PCB oil testing laboratories in Solomon, Kansas, Georgetown, Texas, and Decatur, Tennessee. Whether you ship your units untested or pull your own samples for analysis, our PCB testing laboratories will provide efficient and accurate test results and reporting.

All of our lab sites are certified as NELAP Accredited Laboratories, and all of our laboratories operate under the same processes and procedures. In addition, our Kansas lab is accredited in Arizona. Each laboratory is staffed with experienced, degreed chemists, all of whom are dedicated to the highest level of integrity and data quality.

Our PCB testing lab analytical services feature state-of-the-art gas chromatographs to deliver precise and consistent reporting results. Solomon Corporation also uses analytical methods that comply with EPA requirements so you can rest assured that your results will stand up to EPA scrutiny.

Contact members of our PCB Testing team:


Lori Blevins
Laboratory Manager

Solomon, KS
(785) 655-2191 ext. 144

Lisa Elliott
Lab Director and Environmental Manager
Georgetown, TX
(785)655-2191 ext. 148

Stephen Hales
Laboratory Manager

Decatur, TN
(423) 334-2666 ext. 422