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PCB & Non PCB Equipment Disposal

At Solomon Corporation, we help our power-distribution industry clients retire their electrical equipment at our state-of-the-art commercial storage facilities. Our experienced, certified service and disposal professionals are available for pickup, receiving, testing, and disposal of your surplus equipment. Each is committed to upholding standards of environmental compliance, so Solomon Corporation customers can rest assured that their decommissioned equipment will be handled with all-due professionalism.

Solomon Corporation also has a NELAP-certified laboratory used to test units for PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) content. Transformers of known PCB content over 50 ppm must be handled and disposed of in a manner that adheres to a strict code of Federal regulations (4O CFR Part 761). As a service to our power-distribution industry clients, Solomon Corporation offers a simple and cost-effective disposal program for PCB-contaminated equipment (50-499 ppm) and PCB equipment (over 500 ppm). recycling

PCB – Contaminated Equipment: Your tested equipment which contains 50-499 ppm PCB can be shipped to Solomon either empty or full (under a Hazardous Waste Manifest). Once this equipment is received and documented, Solomon technicians pump the contaminated oil into segregated bulk tanks. Carcasses and non-porous materials are triple-rinsed, and the coils are burned in our permitted scrap metal recovery oven.

PCB Equipment: Tested equipment that contains PCB at levels greater than 500 ppm can be shipped to one of our permitted facilities under a Hazardous Waste Manifest. This equipment is stored at our facility until it is shipped to an authorized disposal facility.

Solomon Corporation will send the Certificates of Disposal on all equipment and fluids for your records, and maintain duplicate records at our facilities indefinitely.

Non-PCB Equipment Recycling and Disposal: Transformers and other oil filled equipment that are known to be less than 50 ppm PCB are not regulated. But non-regulated is not a synonym for risk-free. Your company can be confident that Solomon Corporation gives prompt service on recycling and disposal jobs, as well as record-keeping support, liability protection, and the financial stability to meet payment obligations today and in the future.

Solomon Corporation has nearly 40 years of experience in meeting the disposal needs of its customers in a timely and safe manner. We have on-site PCB oil testing laboratories at three of our facilities, including Solomon, Kansas, Georgetown, Texas, and Decatur, Tennessee.