Transformer Field Maintenance and Repair

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Field Maintenance and Repair

We repair transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit reclosers, and padmounted switches. Solomon Corporation’s¬†certified field technicians are located across the country for quick response time to your urgent repair needs. Highly-trained, and outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art test and repair tools, our field maintenance and repair crews can troubleshoot, repair, test, and inspect your equipment to ensure that it is quickly in working order.

Our Services:

Transformer Onsite Maintenance

  • High voltage bushing testing
  • High voltage bushing replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Leak checking
  • Re-charge of nitrogen blanket
  • Installation of positive pressure nitrogen system
  • Installation of cooling fans and controls
  • Transformer controls trouble shooting, testing and repairs
  • Transformer and LTC control upgrades


  • Complete inspection and testing of load tap changing mechanism
  • Remove¬† oil and open LTC main compartment
  • Clean all carbon from mechanism
  • Clean all contacts and check for wear
  • Check mechanism for proper adjustment and alignment
  • Replace all worn and damaged parts
  • Replace all gaskets on doors of mechanism
  • Check automatic controls and auxiliary equipment
  • Close LTC compartment and fill with non- PCB oil

Hot Oil Processing

  • Hot oil circulation and de-hydration of oil and transformer
  • Removal of oil from transformer and holding in tanker during service
  • Vacuum filling of transformer
  • De-gassing of fluid and transformer
  • Envirotemp (FR3) fluid processing

Field Dressing

  • Installation of radiators
  • Installation of bushings
  • Installation of auxiliary equipment (fans, pumps, arresters, connectors)
  • Vacuum filling of fluid
  • Acceptance testing

Annual and Routine Maintenance Schedules Available

  • Complete transformer testing
  • Complete oil diagnostic services
  • Inspect transformer and all accessories
  • Assessment and recommendations

Oil Test Capabilities

  • Gas in oil analysis (DGA)
  • Moisture in oil
  • Ca
  • Standard oil quality
  • Oxidation Inhibitor
  • Furanic compounds
  • Wear metals
  • Power factor @ 25 and 100 C

Onsite retro-filling Services

  • Retro filling of non-PCB oil
  • Retro filling of Envirotemp (FR3) fluid and maintaining less-flammable classification
  • Retro filling of Silicone fluid

Electrical Testing Capabilities in the Field

  • Doble Power Factor
  • Doble Excitation test
  • Insulation resistance test (Meggar)
  • Winding resistance test
  • SFRA
  • Partial discharge test
  • Turn ratio test