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Cradle to Grave Record Keeping

record-keeping-bigSolomon Corporation has over 40 years in the power system equipment service and repair business. As one of our many services to our large and small power-distribution industry clients, Solomon Corporation offers cradle-to-grave record keeping on all electrical equipment that we service, maintain, dispose, recycle, or decommission.

Our company uses a custom-designed and built database to store detailed information about every piece of electrical equipment that we repair or recycle. Whether its records on a transformer repair or the results of a PCB test on another piece of equipment, you can count on Solomon Corporation to make sure that accurate records are kept for each piece of equipment and that the records are kept safe and maintained by industry experts.

With cradle-to-grave record keeping from Solomon Corporation, your repaired, tested, or disposed unit information is maintained indefinitely – everything you need for your annual PCB records is in safekeeping with our company. In addition, Solomon Corporation can assist you with manifest preparations and documentation on all units.

At Solomon Corporation, we understand your need for cradle-to-grave information about all of your electrical equipment. For more information or to request a quote, please click here to contact us today.