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Commercial Storage

With over 40 years in the business, Solomon Corporation knows that our customers often have special needs related to their power system equipment. For rural industrial and large electric utility companies alike, this means service, field maintenance, repair, and, in many cases, storage and disposal of PCB-contaminated equipment. Fortunately, Solomon Corporation offers many storage and disposal services to customers across the nation.

Solomon Corporation has the solution to your disposal needs. Whether it is untested electrical equipment or known PCB-contaminated equipment, our Kansas and Texas divisions feature environmentally-safe, fully-permitted PCB commercial storage facilities.

Untested Equipment Storage – Our HazMat drivers and trucks can pick up untested equipment at your location anywhere in the country and bring it to one of our EPA-permitted Commercial Storage facilities in Kansas or Texas. Upon arrival, each unit is verified, given a unique barcode ID number, and documented into our custom database. Our qualified technicians will draw an oil sample from each piece of untested equipment, and deliver it to our on-site PCB oil testing laboratory. Once the PCB content is known, the equipment can be disposed of, repaired, or recycled according to its regulatory status.commercial-storage-1-big

Regulated Equipment Storage – If you choose to sample your equipment prior to shipping for disposal, Solomon can save you time and money on your regulated equipment! We will prepare your Hazardous Waste Manifest shipping papers in advance. Our HazMat endorsed drivers will help you verify and load the units for shipment to Solomon. We offer competitive transportation rates! Each unit is received, verified, barcoded with a unique ID number, and documented into our custom database.

When you choose Solomon Corporation – Our environmental personnel will send you final certificates of disposition on your equipment for your annual records. And, as part of our Cradle-to-grave Record Keeping service, we will maintain all of your records indefinitely.

Solomon Corporation has commercial storage in Solomon, Kansas and Georgetown, Texas. We also offer repair, recycling, and disposal of power-class transformers and regulators. For more information about our Commercial Storage service, or to request a quote, please click here to contact us today.