Service Through Education

February 24, 2017

Solomon Corporation is, at its core, a service company. Part of that service culture is a commitment to ongoing customer education.


Bob Diehl can talk at length about the genesis of Solomon’s educational program. “Our education program enhances and expands our relationship with our customers,” he said. “That one-on-one helps the customer put their faith and trust in us.”

It was eight years ago that facility tours began as a means for customers to get to the know the company, its products, and personnel. Solomon executives soon began to take notice of customer requests for more: more hands-on with, more interaction, more formal learning. Soon thereafter, Solomon Corporation began a more formal curriculum of classes, along with hands-on training on the shop floor.

Customers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of Solomon’s trained, experienced technicians throughout different areas of the shop floor. Spending some time in the transformer shop gives customers the chance to see the rebuild process first-hand and ask any question that they may have. The same holds true for the regulator and oil circuit recloser areas.

Generally, 40-50 people participate, with class sizes averaging around six to eight. The small class size allows for each customer to be fully involved and learn directly from the experts. Best of all, customers can forge a relationship with Solomon’s technicians. That relationship makes for better service and greater accessibility down the line. Solomon techs often become something akin to an “EMS” in that they consult with customers on emergency repairs for the different products offered. In fact, each participant leaves with direct contact info for all supervisors and technicians.

There are general sessions covering transformers, regulators, and reclosers. Even the professional industrial electricians, engineers, and technicians in each class are always eager to learn the specific ins and outs of the equipment and how Solomon refurbishes and rebuilds each one to customer specifications.

Customers will often be heard saying, “I didn’t know that you did all of these things,” according to Bob Diehl.

One example of a Solomon service that customers may not have known much about is the EPA-certified storage and decommissioning facility. The facility allows for the safe storage and processing of contaminated transformers, complete with EPA-mandated decommission documents.

“Our primary purpose is to serve the customer,” Bob stated. “Our classes enhance and expand our relationship with that particular customer. They know that we will get them the answers they need.”