Ready To Ship Inventory Is Available When The Need Arises | Solomon Corporation

October 6, 2014

At Solomon Corporation, we’ve been repairing, rebuilding, and selling transformers and other electrical equipment for over 40 years. That’s given us a lot of time to observe the industry, and we’ve noticed a major need: Many of our clients need emergency transformers when something goes wrong, and they need them right away.

Most of the time when you buy a transformer-whether new or refurbished-it’s done to specifications. That approach certainly has its advantages, and we build most of our refurbished transformers to spec. In an emergency situation, lost power means lost revenue. For industrial or energy production clients, time is money, and waiting weeks for a new transformer is not acceptable. That’s why Solomon Corporation has started offering both new and refurbished transformers in stock and ready to ship for customers with immediate needs.

As anyone who has ever bought a transformer knows, lead times from those who manufacture new transformers can be 18-20 weeks or more. That’s a long time to wait when the lights go out. We once had a customer tell us that he was losing $1 million a day for every day that his transformer was out. Imagine that number multiplied across weeks of wait time! And while everyone relies on working transformers to get their power, many of our customers don’t carry spares, which means that when a transformer goes out, they rely on us to get it to them quickly and efficiently.

By keeping a stock of both new and refurbished transformers on-hand and ready to ship, we can provide a solution for customers who need a transformer right away. Our quick ship transformers are part of a service that’s unique in the industry, and one that we’re proud to offer to our customers. With our in-stock units, we can put a new or refurbished transformer on the road immediately when you need it, so that it gets to you as quickly as possible.

The program is already shipping to customers nationwide, and is growing every day. We offer international sales and shipments also. Please dial your country’s international access code (00 in many countries) and 1-785-655-2191 to be connected to a sales team member at our Solomon, Kansas office.

The Solomon Corporation quick ship program currently offers polemount transformers through 500KVA, padmount transformers through 3750KVA, and substations through 5000KVA, in various voltage configurations. We’re always expanding and trying to meet the needs of all our customers, so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call, or visit us online.