Protect Your Investment, Improve Safety with Positive Nitrogen Systems

June 14, 2016

Positive Nitrogen System

Providing quality and safety have always been priorities for Solomon Corporation. To help our clients protect their investment, the company began manufacturing our own positive nitrogen systems in 2010.

Terry Hamel, Production Engineering Supervisor, oversees production of the PNS. “The ones we were buying from outside suppliers were poor quality, high priced, and long on production time,” Hamel said.

The PNS is an oil preservation system designed to preserve the life of oil, which increases reliability, improves the lifespan of your transformer, and lowers the cost of maintenance. Solomon recommends it for power class or step-down transformers.

Building a better system

Solomon is one of only a few companies that manufacture positive nitrogen systems. “Ours is better because we use a low pressure regulator that holds up better than most of our competitors,” Hamel said.

Our positive nitrogen system protects transformer oil in the main tank from oxidation and moisture absorption by keeping tank pressure at optimal levels. The system introduces nitrogen into the system from a gas bottle and maintains pressure at a range of .25 to 5 psi. If the pressure goes below .25 psi, the system introduces nitrogen gas into the transformer tank from the nitrogen supply tank. If the tank pressure rises about 5 psi, a valve automatically opens to bleed off excess pressure.

Improving safety

As always, safety is the number one priority in everything we do. Because the gas inside the bottle is 95% nitrogen, there is less oxygen in the system. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen is chemically unreactive. It does not burn, and at ordinary temperatures it does not react with other elements. Less combustible gas mitigates potential for fire or explosion if there is an arc.

Protect your investment and improve the lifespan of your transformers.

Solomon maintains an inventory of positive nitrogen systems and it will work on any transformer, no matter who built it. The positive nitrogen system can be installed by our team or can be added on by the customer’s substation technician or contractor.

In addition, Solomon’s Field Service truck carries PNS in case the customer elects to install it at a later date. The positive nitrogen system is a relatively low-cost add-on or upgrade option when compared to the overall cost of a substation.