Our Padmount Recloser Offers Protection and Improves Reliability

July 20, 2016

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Reclosers are just that; an economical way to protect your distribution system and prevent downtime.

When it comes to padmount hydraulic reclosers, Solomon literally has no competition, according to Tim Cornelius, Technical Specialist.

“No one builds them new anymore,” he said. In fact, Solomon Corporation refurbishes used systems with new components to make them like new. Despite relatively low demand, we make sure to carry them so our customers have them available when they are needed.

Used primarily in rural, residential and light industrial systems, the padmount recloser can be utilized on systems with 15kv and less phase to ground.

Padmount recloser maintenance

In addition to maintaining a large inventory of surplus reclosers, all of our recloser service centers have factory-trained technicians who can service your reclosers. Although they are not exposed to the elements, reclosers for padmount systems do require periodic maintenance, Cornelius said. “They should be serviced every six years,” he said.

There are five locations from which we operate:

  • Solomon, KS
  • Decatur, TN
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Grand Junction, CO
  • Prairie du Chien, WI

Solomon is a Cooper-authorized service center as well.

Over current protection is essential to protect your investment, reduce maintenance time and minimize distribution system downtime. Understanding our customers’ needs and building a quality product are what drives Solomon Corporation. If you need a padmount recloser, we can ship quickly. Contact us to learn more.