“New” program improves efficiency, quality and safety

August 2, 2017

Saying that we’re starting a program called “Nearly New” is kind of a misnomer. After all, Solomon Corporation built its business on recycling components and refurbishing transformers.

Kinneth Hurst, Solomon Corp Distribution Design Engineer, explained, “It’s not ‘Nearly New’ in the sense that we haven’t been supplying high quality rewound transformers in the past,” he said. “Now, we’re striving to manufacture transformers like a new manufacturer would.”

The company has streamlined the process and is able to quickly deliver large number of matched units to order for customers across the country quickly, while still maintaining extremely high quality.

In the past, we would take a used unit out of our yard inventory to be torn down, measured, designed and then wound. This causes a few issues in terms of efficiency because we couldn’t determine if the unit will be usable until it was torn down, measured and designed.

Improving on what we already do

Solomon Corp’s process now includes tearing down and measuring units prior to putting them into inventory. “We then have an inventory of measured steel and measured tanks that our engineers can choose from when designing a new unit,” Kinneth said. “This allows us to go straight to the design phase when an order is generated.”

The engineers can now make the steel and tank fit the design, rather than the design fit the steel and tank, which is much more efficient. This also makes the manufacturing process more efficient with simpler, more uniform designs, which decreases the chance for mistakes in manufacturing as well.

Meeting two objectives

Solomon Corp’s primary concerns are safety and providing the best possible customer service. The “Nearly New” initiatives are helping the company in both areas.

Improved efficiency is helping to decrease our response time by paralleling processes which had be in series, Kinneth explained. “This allows for more uniform designs by allowing the engineer to choose the steel best suited for the design rather than vice versa. It also allows to quickly see what tanks are available in inventory so we can pick matching units.”

As far as from a safety standpoint, this greatly reduces the transporting and handling of whole units, as the tanks will be stored empty and the steel stored separately in a warehouse.

Understanding our customers’ needs and building a quality product are what drives Solomon Corporation. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at www.solomoncorp.com or call 800-234-2867.