Mike Steward, Outside Sales Representative, says “YES” to going above and beyond for his customers

July 29, 2019

At Solomon Corporation, “We say yes!” is more than just a motto. It’s what drives us as a company to provide the best customer service. For it to truly work, it starts with the individuals who work here.

Just one example is Mike Seward, Outside Sales Representative, who goes above and beyond customer expectations. And that often means going outside of his job description to provide guidance and expertise that salesmen with other companies simply don’t have.

Mike has over 36 years of experience in the utility industry. After serving in the United States Air Force, Mike became a journeyman lineman, utility foreman, and retired after 30 years as a superintendent. After retiring, he moved to the other side of the industry, in roles including project manager and sales. He served on the Indiana Municipal Electric Association as a board member for four years and as its president in 2011.

He joined Solomon Corporation in 2017 and has bought into the “We say yes!” mantra. “To me, customer service means keeping the customer’s best interest in mind at all
times to ensure they’re satisfied with our products and services.,” Mike said. “Sometimes that means interacting with customers, even if the conversation isn’t directly about our products and services.”

Lee Sifton, Electric Senior Foreman for the City of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, called and had a question regarding a problem with a bank of 25 KVA transformers, two of which were Solomon transformers. “My crew and I were having some difficulties troubleshooting a three-phase transformer bank,” Lee said. “I contacted Mike because not only is he very knowledgeable about the Solomon products we were working on, he’s also a very experienced lineman.”

They were going to have transformers delivered from Solomon that day. Mike discussed the preferred method for wiring the HV side of a Y/Delta bank, which wasn’t done that way. Lee called Mike over the next couple days stating they’d done all the steps Mike had recommended over the phone and still could not energize the bank. “After his Friday morning call, I decided to make a trip to Eaton Rapids and put eyes on the issue,” Mike said.

“He took it upon himself to drive to another state just to see if he could help us,” Lee said. “Shortly after his arrival, he noticed our problem, and it was quickly resolved.” Turns out, there was a wiring issue on the HV side of one transformer. Lee and his crew corrected the issue, and made a couple of other adjustments Mike suggested, and the bank was energized. After cleaning up the job site, Mike took the three of them to lunch.

“In a time when customer service is definitely on the decline, it’s good to see that some companies and their representatives are willing to go above and beyond,” Lee said. “This is the reason that we’ll continue to buy Solomon transformers.”

When he’s not saving the day for Solomon customers, Mike enjoys fishing and cars. He’s a life member of Bass Anglers Sportsmen’s Society (BASS) and a member of the Fort Wayne Corvette Club. He and his wife, Julia, own a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette convertible and have won six trophies at car shows with it. Married for 37 years, Mike and Julia have three children and nine grandchildren.