Solomon, Kansas

Our original location was founded in 1971 by Gene Hemmer. It is our corporate headquarters and has grown to a 100,000 square foot facility providing the following products and services:

Equipment for sale, repair and rebuild: Polemount transformers, single and three-phase padmount transformers up to 5000 KVA, single and three-phase substation transformers up to 25 MVA, 69kV, voltage regulators, oil circuit reclosers, and LTCs.

Lab Services and Accreditations: PCB commercial storage permitted. NELAP Certification.

EPA-permitted Commercial Storage: Untested units are verified, given a unique barcode ID number, and documented into our custom data base. Technicians will draw an oil sample from untested equipment, and deliver it to our on-site PCB oil testing laboratory. Once the PCB content is known, the equipment can be disposed of, repaired or recycled according to its regulatory status.

Testing: Standard transformer, regulator, controls and OCR testing.

 Delivery and Pick Up: Our transportation department has 30 semi trucks and 150 trailers.

Customer Support: Engineers and technicians on site and in the field. Environmental specialists are available to provide assistance and expertise.

Field Service: Polemount, padmount, regulator and recloser service and repair. Substation tear down and transport preparation, DGA testing.

Solomon, Kansas is our corporate hub and home to many departments including Human Resources, Finance, Transportation and Sales. We are located on the picturesque Main Street where we continue to grow and improve our facility.

Solomon is a community off 1,100 neighbors in Central Kansas with excellent schools and the best of small town living. Historic Abilene, KS is just 8 miles from Solomon and boasts beautiful tree-lined streets, museums and Victorian charm. Salina, Kansas is just 15 miles away and has a population of 50,000, excellent schools and is rich in opportunities to enjoy arts, entertainment, shopping and dining. Our area of the country is a well kept secret with affordable housing and strong community ties.