Georgetown, Texas

We share a location with Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) in Georgetown, Texas. The TEC/Solomon Corp. Alliance is a mutually beneficial venture designed to provide superior repair and rebuild services to the Texas cooperatives while providing an ideal location for Solomon Corporation to increase volume in Texas.

Solomon Corporation inhabits 90,000 square feet of the facility and employees 60 individuals providing the following products and services:

Equipment for sale, repair and rebuild: Single phase polemount and padmount transformers, three-phase padmount transformers up to 5000 KVA, regulators, oil circuit reclosers and controls.

Lab Services and Accreditations: NELAP certification to analyze for PCBs using EPA Method 8082.

 EPA-permitted Commercial Storage: Untested units are verified, given a unique barcode ID number, and documented into our custom database. Our qualified technicians will draw an oil sample from each piece of untested equipment, and deliver it to our on-site PCB oil testing laboratory. Once the PCB content is known, the equipment can be disposed of, repaired, or recycled according to its regulatory status.

Testing: Standard transformer, regulator, controls and OCR testing.

Customer Support: Onsite Environmentalists as well as technical support for regulators and controls.

Located near I-35 in Central Texas, our facility is geographically ideal to provide service to utilities and industrial businesses throughout the state.