Decatur, Tennessee

Our Decatur facility was built on 21 acres and consists of a 30,000 square foot repair shop and a 40,000 reclamation facility. We have 80 employees, and offer the following services:

Equipment for sale and repair: Polemount transformers, padmount transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit relosers and controls.

Lab services and accreditations: NELAP certification to analyze for PCBs using EAP method 8082.

Testing: Standard transformer, regulator, controls and OCR testing.

Delivery and Pick Up: Full service flat bed, single drop, double drop and pan trailers as well as there 5 ton straight trucks that operate on weekly routes. We also utilize a 10 ton gooseneck trailer for expedite services.

Oil Processing: Onsite oil processing system to harvest and reuse non-detect oil which removes moisture, dissolved gasses and replaces inhibitor.

Customer Support: Onsite environmentalists and technical support for regulators and controls.

Field Service: DGA sampling, OCR field service repair, polemount and padmount field service and repair, substation teardown and transport preparation.

Training: On site, or in the field for regulator and controls operations and functions.


All of our locations are committed to providing unmatched value to our customers, but each also has its own regional distinctions. Our Decatur facility is led by Tennessee native John Gann who takes pride in the personal attention and accountability each of his team members takes in his or her job. With 80 employees on site, the facility is large enough to provide a variety of opportunities and small enough to feel like part of a family.