Dakota American Transformers, Flandreau, South Dakota

August 14, 2018

Our Flandreau, South Dakota location was added in August of 2018. This additional service center puts our resources closer to our customer base in the Upper Midwest, so we can maintain the short lead times and service they have come to expect. To contact us directly in Flandreau call 855-240-2510. We provide the following products...

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Osage City, Kansas

June 15, 2017

Learn about our new acquisition of KEC Apparatus and Testing, and our alliance with Kansas Electrical Cooperatives here. Our sixth location is the former KEC Apparatus and Testing Division in Osage City, Kansas. With the acquisition of this facility, we also formed an ongoing alliance with the Kansas Electric Cooperative membership. With an experienced and...

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Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

April 1, 2016

In April of 2016 we added a new location in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, providing additional support and more efficient service to our customers in the northern Midwest. Our 20,000 square foot EPA permitted commercial storage and salvage facility offers pick up and recycling services for transformers, regulators and oil circuit reclosers weighing up to...

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Georgetown, Texas

August 19, 2015

We share a location with Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) in Georgetown, Texas. The TEC/Solomon Corp. Alliance is a mutually beneficial venture designed to provide superior repair and rebuild services to the Texas cooperatives while providing an ideal location for Solomon Corporation to increase volume in Texas. Solomon Corporation inhabits 90,000 square feet of the facility...

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Solomon, Kansas

July 28, 2015

Our original location was founded in 1971 by Gene Hemmer. It is our corporate headquarters and has grown to a 100,000 square foot facility providing the following products and services: Equipment for sale, repair and rebuild: Polemount transformers, single and three-phase padmount transformers up to 5000 KVA, single and three-phase substation transformers up to 25...

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Decatur, Tennessee

Our Decatur facility was built on 21 acres and consists of a 30,000 square foot repair shop and a 40,000 reclamation facility. We have 80 employees, and offer the following services: Equipment for sale and repair: Polemount transformers, padmount transformers, voltage regulators, oil circuit relosers and controls. Lab services and accreditations: NELAP certification to analyze...

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Grand Junction, Colorado

Centrally located between Denver and Salt Lake City on I-70, we are ideally situated to provide products and services for the oil, shale and gas production in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Our 6000 square foot manufacturing facility and recently added offices are home to 22 employees who have been strongly committed to excellence in quality...

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