When It’s On The Line, Solomon Is At Our Best

February 26, 2015

During the month of December, most of us are knee deep in the process of getting things done before the end of the year. For some reason it seems to be a month where there’s more to do than there are days to do it in, whether that’s wrapping up fourth quarter information or taking care of other miscellaneous items that pop up during the month. When you couple this with travel schedules and the holiday expectations of friends and family, December is not a month where anyone is looking for a surprise unless it’s giftwrapped with a bow.

Unexpected Holiday “Gifts”

When California Products experienced the failure of a 3000KVA transformer three days before Christmas, you can imagine the collective feeling that there couldn’t have been a worse time for something like this to happen. Considering that the failure occurred the Thursday before the beginning of the holiday weekend, the testing shop was not able to make the necessary repairs in the tight deadline. To further complicate matters, the transformer unit not only played a critical part in the plant’s 24/7 operations but it was also a custom size to fit with a line-up of other electrical equipment. With all of those elements, bad timing was just a fraction of the issue at hand.

After testing of the transformer verified that the unit would require a complete rewind, the testing facility placed a call to Ken Bryman, industrial business development manager at Solomon Corp. Bryman recommended that the company work with Solomon to complete the transformer’s emergency repairs. With the clock ticking, Kurt Sieker, assistant territory manager for the western U.S., began negotiations for pricing and final specifications.

December 23 and No Time to Lose

With no time to waste, Solomon Corporation provided California Products with a complete rewind and an increase in the KVA capacity, all completed within the two week period leading up to the New Year. During that process, Solomon also tackled changing specifications during the upgrade. As you might imagine, these accomplishments would be a significant effort any time of year, let alone during what is typically one of the most understaffed times of year. In the end, the effort succeeded as a result of the commitment to open communication that included not only California Products and the Solomon Corporation experts but also the necessary engineering experts working on the project.

In a situation where it would’ve have been easy to label the project as impossible, the engineering, operations, paint, and transportation teams at Solomon Corporation were able to provide a very satisfactory result to California Products in record time. This incredible result is directly attributed to the coordination, hard work, and creative thinking from Brian Duryea, Jim Haverkamp, Carolyn Haverkamp, Ron Jording, Ken Puetz and Mitch Westphal and their teams.