Pricing Manager

Area: Finance

Shift: 8am-5pm

This position will be responsible for creating product pricing strategies to leverage across the corporation.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Manage, set and update pricing models for inventory (buys) and salvage (buys)
  2. Manage, set and update pricing models for sale of equipment
  3. Manage, set and update quote process
  4. Pricing models updated based on
    • Inputs from Operations on cost, lead times, capacity, by product
    • Inputs from Sales and Finance on current backlog and forecast
    • Inputs from the Reclamation group on capacity, cost, shipping and other pricing factors
    • Inputs from Inventory Management group on current inventory needs, pricing, etc…
  5. Evaluate / Manage
    • Large or continuous contracts – pricing, terms, risks
    • Commodity prices
    • Sales – variance analysis of sold vs. pricing model
    • Sales – trends by product for lead times, market pricing, etc…
    • Salvage – purchase price – shipping – production cost – material sales
    • Inventory – variance of actual vs. pricing model
  6. Work closely with internal and external customers, sufficient to know the pulse of the business to maximize price with inputs from sales on the market and operations on available capacity.
  7. Work closely with plants to fill any and all open capacity within our manufacturing locations. Adjust pricing to accomplish this.
  8. Assist in securing committed delivery commitments, working with the plant’s scheduler at the manufacturing locations.
  9. Review BOM’s to ensure we utilize the best cost-to-serve approach for Solomon and the customer, based on customer requirements and specifications. (i.e. – ask questions around Al vs. copper, rewind vs. remanufacturing, etc.)
  10. Manage and approve pricing to align with the company’s revenue and EBITDA targets.
  11. Ensure consistent pricing for repeat customers and manage customer pricing contracts.


Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  1.  Basic industry / technical  knowledge
  2.  Good financial analysis skills
  3.  Professional management and communication skills



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