Growing channel partner relationships helps increase company footprint

October 2, 2018

In the past year, Solomon Corp has experienced significant growth in the business attributed to our channel partners, which are electrical distributors that sell into the power distribution market. We think this is testament to our commitment to customer service and sustainable growth.

The company maintains a mid-sized direct sales force that focuses on the utility markets and certain territories. Our channel strategy is geared more toward the commercial and industrial markets, as well as territories without existing direct sales staff. While we’ve been utilizing this model for many years, we’ve made this aspect of our business a priority and are working aggressively to ensure that we continue this upward trend in the coming year.

“We partner with companies that share our values of customer service, responsiveness and quality and have a good local presence in the market,” said Brian McCarrick, Business Development Manager. “These companies we seek out – local, regional and national electrical wholesale distributors – have synergistic products and an openness to work closely with vendor partners.”

Solomon’s strategy is to establish channel partnerships in areas near our facilities, like Denver, Kansas City, and Atlanta, Brian explained, along with other major metropolitan areas, including Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. “Ideally, we’d love to establish a partnership with a company with a large national footprint that talks across its regions, so we can coordinate a national effort,” Brian said.

Becoming a channel partner with Solomon is a mutually beneficial relationship. “For us the channel partnership is beneficial because we gain access to new markets, improve our brand awareness, and increase sales volume with incremental growth,” Brian said. “It also helps us get additional ‘feet on the street’ – meaning the distributor’s sales team – in key markets.”

The channel partner, on the other hand, gains product and service offerings with a quality, customer-focused company that can help it better serve clients and stands behind its partners passing business both ways. Solomon can help the partner increase its sales, as we have thousands of transformers, regulators, reclosers, and spare parts in stock and ready to ship.

Solomon offers reconditioned, rewound, or new products, in addition to ancillary equipment, to help partners meet project needs and schedule. “We can custom-engineer to suit their clients’ specific needs,” Brian explained. “We act fast, offer expedited deliveries and high-level customer service. As a customer-centric organization, we always work to find solutions and ways to say yes!”

Over the years, Solomon Corp has been fortunate to partner with many individual locations, and we want to expand our channel partner coverage nationally. If you’re interested in becoming a channel partner, contact us today to learn more. Visit us at or call 800-234-2867.