Field Service Teams Provide Complete Lifecycle Transformer Service

September 28, 2016

field service team

While Solomon Corporation focuses on continuous improvement in design and manufacturing, we also understand the importance of maintaining our customers’ equipment after it has been installed. This is why our field service teams are so important.

Our field service teams are located across the country for quick response time to your urgent repair needs, and provide service for transformers up to 169kv and other associated substation equipment. Routine maintenance is essential to our clients’ bottom line because it extends the life of their substation equipment and helps them avoid costly downtime. Our capabilities include:
• Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting
• Assembly and commissioning
• Disassembly and decommissioning
• Oil processing
• Electrical Testing
• LTC Repair and maintenance
• Routine maintenance
• Rigging
• Transportation
• Complete project management

Environmentally compliant on-site decommissioning services

When a company or utility is decommissioning or relocating equipment, Solomon Corporation can provide a team of specialists to complete the job on site. Job length will depend on the quantity and size of the equipment and ease of access to the facility.

There are typically four to six workers on teardown crews. Safety is the top priority for service technicians, and all Solomon field service technicians are fully safety trained with annually updated safety training that meets or exceeds all customer requirements.

Solomon operates three field service crews from the company’s headquarters in Kansas and one each in Decatur, Tennessee and Georgetown, Texas. Maintaining field service crews in multiple locations improves response efficiency and makes it more cost-effective for our customers. The next priority will be Grand Junction, Colorado which will allow Solomon to leverage a mobilization advantage on the west coast.

The first step in the decommissioning process is to drain any existing oil out of the equipment. Next is the logistics of staging cranes, forklifts, and trucks to complete the work in the most efficient way possible. The crew then disassembles the equipment into basic elements, associated pieces and parts, loads onto flatbed trailers and transports to a Solomon Corporation facility to be refurbished, rebuilt, scrapped, and/or recycled. We provide safe, efficient and environmentally compliant dismantling of power-class transformers and all ancillary equipment. When it’s all said and done, Solomon field service crews will leave your site in its original condition and debris free.

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Solomon Corporation is looking for qualified people to help us grow. We need qualified individuals to join our field service teams. If you are looking for a career with an industry leader, Solomon Corporation can be a perfect fit.