Engineering Quality & The Next Generation of Transformer Designers

August 22, 2016

At Solomon Corporation, delivering a high quality product is one of our core beliefs. To meet that goal, our design team focuses not only on improving design, but on hiring engineers and designers and developing their skills and talents. It ensures that our transformers will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Distribution design engineer Kinneth Hurst joined Solomon in April 2016. A native of Salina, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology from Kansas State University- Salina.

While he was in school, Kinneth was an engineering intern at Philips Lighting for two years. He performed electrical, chemical and mechanical tests on fluorescent lamps, and troubleshooting ballasts and lamps determined defective in the field.

After graduation, Kinneth worked for three years at Bombardier Flight Test Center as an Instrumentation Design Engineer. His primary responsibilities included designing and troubleshooting sensor installations, as well as programming and maintaining airborne data acquisition systems.

Kinneth has two primary areas of responsibilities at Solomon; the first being designing distribution transformers. “Design is integral to the quality of the transformers we produce,” he said. “Our engineering team does all we can to ensure that the shop has the best opportunity to manufacture a quality product.”

He sums up what is a complicated process very simply. “The design must be what the customer wants and within engineering specifications. It is my job to make sure that both of those criteria are met in the most efficient way possible.”

Kinneth also acts as co-lead on our process improvement project. The team members discuss next steps and make weekly reports to upper management on making Solomon a safer and more ergonomically friendly place to work.

Kinneth enjoys working for a smaller company. He said, “After working for some large global corporations, it is refreshing to work for a corporation where I am a name instead of a number.”