Disaster relief ingrained in Solomon Corp culture

March 20, 2017

With tornado season in the Midwest, followed by hurricane season on the east coast, spring is a busy time for the American Red Cross. This year, however, has seehurricane-imagen a quicker start to the busy season.

Both as individuals and as a company, for us at Solomon Corporation, who support disaster relief through the Red Cross, it hits a little closer to home. The recent spate of wildfires across the Midwest is a reminder of how important disaster relief is. In our home state of Kansas, more than 650,000 acres have burned.

Helping communities two ways

In addition to helping the Red Cross through fundraisers and volunteerism, Solomon Corporation, as a business responds to natural disasters and weather events when transformers go down. We have first-hand knowledge of how devastating it can be, and how much organizations like the American Red Cross make a difference when people have lost their homes and power.

Solomon Corporation CEO Tom Hemmer, said, “Over the years, Solomon Corporation has provided replacement transformers during catastrophic weather events such as Typhoon Soudelor and Hurricane Katrina. It is a natural fit for us to support the American Red Cross which contributes to the sheltering and recovery of the effected residents during these and other disasters.”

Unplanned outages can have a devastating effect on people, property and revenue. Restoring power is important in helping communities recover during natural disasters. It’s not only essential to help dig out; it is often the first step in helping people affected by events return to normal.

Keys to preparedness

Providing effective disaster relief depends largely on being prepared to handle needs. Solomon Corp does this in several ways.

  • Proactive response – We will help utilities and companies determine the type and quantity of equipment needed to replace failed units during an emergency. We keep approximately 27,000 transformers, regulators and reclosers in inventory. We have the resources to supply you with the spares you need.
  • Mobility – If you don’t have a spare transformer, our 10,000 KVA mobile transformer is available for long or short-term rental.
  • Ready to ship equipment – We keep an inventory of new and refurbished transformers, regulators and reclosers on hand for your urgent needs. With five locations across the country, we are ready to deploy equipment to you within hours.
  • Fast turn-around times – We can deliver reconditioned transformers to you in a fraction of the time as new equipment, which can take months to complete. Utilities and industrial manufacturing facilities can’t operate without power for that long.

Neighbor helping neighbor is an important part of what we do. “The Red Cross and Solomon Corporation’s values are a great match,” said Cindy Curry, marketing director and leader of the company’s service team. “Our employee volunteers contribute in a variety of ways from donating blood, providing veteran’s support and home fire safety education. These are all causes that impact people in our community.”

Solomon Corporation offers transformers and electrical equipment during natural disasters. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at www.solomoncorp.com or call 800-234-2867.