Crunching The Transportation Numbers

May 27, 2015

Solomon Corporation is built around a spirit of entrepreneurship and a commitment to innovation. As the nation’s largest rebuilder of oil-filled transformers, Solomon, a second-generation company, is the go-to source for businesses large and small. Whether we’re working with a rural electric company, an electrical contractor or an industrial company, our customers can always expect the evergreen offerings of solid warranties, dependable equipment, and unmatched customer service.


Like any successful entrepreneurial endeavor, good customer service is critical when it comes to solving a customer problem whenever and wherever it might arise. For Solomon this translates into being exactly where our customers want us when they need us most. This is true whether the event occurs on a weekend, national holiday, or sometime in the late night/early morning hours. Knowing the importance of a locating a quick solution whenever the need arises, Solomon offers a strategic transportation presence in nine states throughout the U.S. in order to provide personal service to our customers throughout the nation.

Solomon Corp Locations

  • Solomon, Kansas – Production
  • Decatur, Tennessee – Production
  • Georgetown, Texas – Production
  • Grand Junction, Colorado- Production
  • St. Louis, Missouri – Sales
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – Sales
  • Houston, Texas – Sales
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – Sales
  • Crestview, Florida – Sales

Solomon’s companywide fleet of 30 semi-trucks includes field service/teardown trucks, route trucks and approximately 150 trailers. Our large transportation staff and fleet enables us to deploy a truck immediately to take care of urgent needs, and we have the odometer readings to prove it. On average, our drivers travel as many as 10,000 miles each month, and collectively we cover more than 3,000,000 miles annually. Knowing time is of the essence, Solomon can help keep businesses throughout the nation up and running.

Licensed and Insured Drivers

Upon arrival at a location, Solomon’s drivers have the ability to pick up equipment for repair and subsequent delivery, drop off purchased equipment, and pick up surplus equipment for disposal or recycling. Solomon facilities feature commercial storage licenses for contaminated equipment and three NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) labs. Because of the critical nature of our customers’ businesses, we hire only experienced drivers with the correct endorsements. All drivers carry hazmat endorsement so that they can assist customers with any environment question or issue that might arise.

Solomon Corporation by the Numbers

  • 9 national locations
  • 30 semi-trucks
  • 150 trailers
  • 9-year average driver tenure
  • 3,000,000 annual driver mileage
  • 3 NELAP-certified labs
  • 2 commercial storage facilities