Coils: The Heart of The Transformer Matters to Solomon Engineer

August 2, 2016

Trent blog

The coils are the heart of the transformer, and it is very important that they have been designed correctly, meet all coil design standards and operate at the correct voltage specifications given by the customer.  Designed correctly, it will operate for many years.

Design engineer Trent Garrels focus is building a better heart. Originally from Abilene, Kansas, Trent earned a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kansas College of Technology. His first summer out of college, he began working on small substation transformers at Mid States Armature Works. He began his career with Solomon Corporation in 1988.

Trent has been in the engineering department for 22 years. As a design engineer, his responsibilities include creating larger layer wound coil designs and doing drawings of substation nameplates in AutoCAD. “Most of my day is in front of a computer screen in the office,” he said, “with a few trips out to the shop throughout the day, to take transformer core steel measurements that I will then use to create a detailed winding design instruction sheet.”

Along with safety, quality is Solomon’s highest priority. Trent’s goal when working on a transformer coil is to design it properly and to the correct specifications. “My goal is to design a transformer coil that will operate efficiently and at its rated voltage without failing or overheating,” he said.

What’s the secret of keeping an employee for so long? “My favorite thing about working at Solomon is that I’m able to work for a good, solid, dependable company like Solomon Corporation. It’s been good here, with no complaints for 28 years to be honest.  It’s nice to be able to work with so many good people, too.”