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Solomon’s Growth Leads to Employment Opportunities

October 20, 2016

On the heels of opening its fourth satellite location in April, Solomon Corporation has established high goals for company growth over the next few years. This, of course, means that adding qualified employees in existing locations will be essential. Solomon’s Human Resource Recruiter Chloe Boggs said the organization currently employs more than 600 people and...

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Field Service Teams Provide Complete Lifecycle Transformer Service

September 28, 2016

While Solomon Corporation focuses on continuous improvement in design and manufacturing, we also understand the importance of maintaining our customers’ equipment after it has been installed. This is why our field service teams are so important. Our field service teams are located across the country for quick response time to your urgent repair needs, and...

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Transportation Partnership Will Help Solomon Meet Logistics Needs

September 22, 2016

Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations – day in and day out – is more than just a goal for everyone at Solomon Corporation. It’s part of the company’s brand. Solomon Corporation has its own fleet of trucks, but to meet all of its shipping needs, the company has historically relied on a large group...

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Mobile Substation Transformer Meets Rapid Response Power Needs

August 23, 2016

Transformer failures can strike at any time due to natural disasters and operational disturbances. The question is not if, but when the situation will arise. After a failure, transformer repair or replacement can take months to complete. Utilities and industrial manufacturing facilities cannot operate without power for that long, and unplanned outages can have a...

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Engineering Quality & The Next Generation of Transformer Designers

August 22, 2016

At Solomon Corporation, delivering a high quality product is one of our core beliefs. To meet that goal, our design team focuses not only on improving design, but on hiring engineers and designers and developing their skills and talents. It ensures that our transformers will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Distribution design...

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Coils: The Heart of The Transformer Matters to Solomon Engineer

August 2, 2016

The coils are the heart of the transformer, and it is very important that they have been designed correctly, meet all coil design standards and operate at the correct voltage specifications given by the customer.  Designed correctly, it will operate for many years. Design engineer Trent Garrels focus is building a better heart. Originally from...

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Solomon Employees Focus on Giving Back to the Community

May 26, 2016

Community support is one of our corporate values and a big part of the culture of Solomon Corporation involves giving back. The company contributes financially to a variety of organizations, but it also encourages employees to give their time and talent. Volunteer organizer and marketing manager Cindy Curry said, “By sponsoring volunteer activities throughout the...

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As Company Expands, Commitment to Quality Continues as a Priority

May 19, 2016

Providing quality products to their customers is and has always been a top priority at Solomon Corporation. As the company grows and expands its reach in new locations, we are implementing processes to guarantee that our equipment is consistent across the board. When Mark Bazely joined Solomon Corporation as Director of Process Management in February...

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Solomon Developing Four Additional Field Service Teams to Improve Efficiency

May 2, 2016

Solomon Corporation offers field service to repair, test and perform annual maintenance on transformers, regulators and reclosers. Our teams are available to perform preventative maintenance, tests to see if maintenance is needed, and emergency repairs. Director of Engineering, Ken Puetz has 28 years of transformer testing, design and manufacturing procedure experience. He oversees Solomon Corporation’s...

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Solomon Celebrates National Lineman Appreciation Day

April 19, 2016

Solomon Corporation honors the men and women who work day-in and day-out to provide safe and reliable power to customers across the country. They make our lives easier, working behind the scenes with little fanfare, and it’s only fitting that we honor them for the contributions they make. “Linemen perform an important job every day...

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