Achieving Consistent And On-Demand Power

April 29, 2015

To combat the potential of a voltage overload in the time of an unexpected surge, fault or bad storm, electrical utility companies rely on a voltage regulator to automatically maintain a constant level of voltage and control the voltage output of a plant. Ideally, the supply of voltage should remain consistent even during a storm or in times of high demand such as the need for air conditioning during hot summer weather or at an entertainment venue requiring large amounts of power.

But the ability to maintain that level of consistency comes into question when voltage regulators are not kept in top working order. This creates the potential for power outages, blackouts and downtime with the potential to translate into high costs and undesirable repercussions for the utility company and its customers. Even if these episodes are brief in nature, the power failures have to potential to affect critical infrastructures such as water supplies, telecommunications networks, and hospitals. Because of this, it’s important to establish a plan for routine maintenance as well as to create controls to mitigate associated risk.


While it’s always important to establish a consistent maintenance schedule, unexpected seasonal storms or other acts of nature have the potential to leave voltage regulatorsvulnerable. Because of the unpredictable nature of many of these events, there’s a chance an inconsistency in voltage could happen at the worst possible time whether that’s a national holiday, a weather-related emergency or a time of prime usage.

When there’s no time to wait, electrical utility companies call the factory-trained repair technicians from Solomon Corporation. As a round-the-clock repair and maintenance provider, the experienced Solomon Corp. technicians are available when needed most. As a trusted repair and maintenance provider, Solomon can diagnose and repair single-phase and three-phase regulators and repair reactors and autoboosts.

In Stock When you need it

Voltage services are available at all Solomon Corp locations in Solomon, Kansas; Georgetown, Texas; Grand Junction, Colorado; Decatur, Tennessee; or through our convenient mobile service. Each option offers an inventory of voltage regulators from 38.1 to 833 KVA and 2,400 to 19,920 volts as well as a variety of GE-, Cooper-, and Siemens-branded regulators, parts and control panels. Solomon Corp. is also a Cooper-authorized warranty service center.

Advantages of Voltage Regulator Repair from Solomon Corporation

  • Diagnose and repair single-phase and three-phase regulators, reactors and autoboosts
  • Provide extensive branded inventory of parts, regulators, and control panels
  • 24/7 service available in-house or mobile
  • Authorized Cooper warranty service center