About Us


Three partners went into the business of repairing and selling electrical transformers. They were seeking a central United States location and began to canvass the Midwest, particularly Kansas, for a small town in which they could start their shop. The proximity of I-70 for transportation and the broad customer base offered by many rural electric cooperatives and municipalities in Kansas and neighboring states supported the choice of Solomon, Kansas.

In April, 1971 Solomon Electrical Supply began operations with owner Gene Hemmer and six employees. We specialized in repairing, remanufacturing and recycling small pole and padmount transformers. Within three years, the company’s employment had risen to 30 people. For a few years the company struggled while it sought to create a market niche with a high quality transformer product.

With momentum building, in 1980 we added regulators and reclosers to our mix for repair and remanufacture. In 1981 we expanded our power sub facility for repair, rewind and remanufacture. In 1987 the company found its stride and began to achieve considerable growth in sales. Annual sales reached $3.4 million with 60 employees and growing. This expansion in the 80’s brought a new focus on quality products and exceptional customer service, the building blocks of today’s Solomon Corporation.



In 1991 we opened a new, state-of-the-art transformer reclamation facility in Solomon. This 31,600 square foot facility alone was over five times the size of the original Solomon Electric building. Efficiencies were achieved through streamlined production capabilities and innovative process development. The addition of transformer reclamation (the recovery of metals from salvaged transformers) provides significant incremental revenue to the company. Metals recovered include copper, aluminum, steel and brass.

The early 1990s brought three additional major building projects to the manufacturing facilities in Kansas. As a result, this increased the quantity of the units manufactured and expanded our capacity to produce power class substation-type transformers.

In January, 1996 Solomon expanded east and built a branch facility in Decatur, Tennessee. This was initially developed to funnel product to the Kansas location to insure continued growth and maintain a competitive edge in a freight intensive business. Based on customer demand, this facility has expanded and currently provides transformer, regulators and reclosers sales and service as well as reclamation services.



In November of 2000, Solomon Corporation’s primary founder sold controlling interest in the company to his five adult children. All five were actively engaged in the management and operations of the company. Under the new ownership team Solomon Corporation continued to grow and improve.

In January, 2005 we expanded west by purchasing Western States Recloser Repair in Grand Junction, Colorado. This facility focused on oil circuit recloser and voltage regulator sales and service.

In April, 2007 we formed an operational alliance with the Texas Electric Cooperatives for the operation of its repair and reclamation facility in Georgetown, Texas. With this southern expansion, we now had four locations across the U.S. to better serve our expanding customer base. In Kansas that same year, we added a commercial storage permit to our reclamation operation for the processing of electrical oil filled equipment.

In March, 2013 we formed a strategic partnership with GFI Energy ensuring our future expansion and growth.

In July, 2014 we continued our growth plan with the purchase of EASCO in Grand Junction, Colorado adding to our successful structure in Colorado and further solidifying our repair operation in the western region.



Solomon Corporation buys, sells, repairs, recycles, and disposes of transformers, regulators and reclosers. We are committed to providing unmatched service to our utility and industrial customers. Our engineering support, safety and environmental records and dedication to delivering quality products have set us apart from the competition for more than forty years. Our customers include municipalities, rural electric cooperatives and investor-owned utilities, as well as industrial users. Solomon Corporation has contracts with some of the largest utilities in the nation including Oncor, Xcel Energy, Nevada Power, Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Ameren, Georgia Power, Alliant, Centerpoint and Consumers Energy among others. We employ over 600 people at our six locations and have annualized sales of over $100,000,000.


Our seven facilities:

  • Solomon, Kansas
  • Georgetown, Texas
  • Decatur, Tennessee
  • Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
  • Osage City, Kansas
  • Flandreau, South Dakota

Our core competencies:

  • Transformer scrapping and disposal

    • All Sizes (Regulated and Non-Regulated)
    • Distribution Transformers
    • Substation & Power Transformers
    • Switchgear
  • Sales, repair and maintenance

    • Distribution Transformers
      • 69,000 volts and smaller
      • 3PH Padmounts up to 5,000KVA
      • 1PH Padmounts up to 500KVA
      • 1PH Polemounts up to 500KVA
    • Substation Transformers
      • 69,000 volts and smaller
      • Single and 3PH units up to 25MVA
      • Remanufacture and recondition
      • New Circular or Rectangular Rewind
    • Voltage Regulators
      • Single & Three Phase – All Sizes
      • Control Panel Repair/Upgrades & Sales
    • Oil Circuit Reclosers
      • Single & Three Phase
      • Hydraulic & Electric
      • Four (4) In-Field Maintenance Trucks
      • Authorized Cooper Power Repair Facility
    • Field Service
      • On-site testing & maintenance
      • Bushing replacement and repair of leaks
      • Electrical testing & oil analysis
    • On-site Oil Processing
      • Fuller’s earth filtering, de-sludging & acid stripping
      • Oil dehydration, vacuum filling, core & coil dehydration
      • Degasifying of oil
      • Energized or De-energized