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Transformer Replacement Parts

With Solomon Corporation, you have a reliable source for new or replacement transformer parts. Solomon Corporation has over 40 years experience in sales and service of distribution transformers. Over the decades, we’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge related to power system equipment and components. At the same time, we’ve built a sizable resource for transformer parts and components for our valued power-generation industry clients.

Solomon Corporation has hard-to-find parts at great prices! We have a vast inventory of refurbished and new parts, including primary bushing inserts, wells, bayonets, and gauges for polemount, substation, and padmount transformers. Our stock includes transformer parts and components from more than 15 manufacturers, including Westinghouse, GE, R.T.E Cooper, McGraw-Edison, and Kuhlman.

Looking for transformer parts or related equipment? When time and price matter, Solomon Corporation has your solution. Contact the representatives below for available inventory and pricing.

Carolyn HaverkampSome of our transformer parts for sale

(800) 234-2867 ext. 143
Billy Hottman

(800) 234-2867 ext. 150
Curtis Boyer

(800) 234-2867 ext. 158

At Solomon Corporation, we specialize in sales and service of oil-filled transformers and distribution transformers. We also offer technical support to the electrical distribution industry, as well as repair, recycling, and disposal of transformers and regulators. For more information or to request a quote, please click here to contact our sales and procurement team.