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Solomon Corporation has over 40 years experience in power system equipment service and repair. We specialize in sales and service of distribution transformers. But, we also provide a wealth of additional services to our large and small industrial and power-distribution clients. So, when it comes to proper handling, testing, and disposal of PCB-contaminated equipment, the one name you should know is Solomon Corporation.

Solomon Corporation prides itself on being an industry leader in helping customers maintain environmental, safety, and health compliance with their PCB-contaminated equipment.

We specialize in helping our industrial and power-distribution clients understand and comply with the myriad of Federal PCB regulations. The Solomon Corporation difference includes a custom database so that your unit information is maintained indefinitely, including everything you need for your annual PCB records. This is all part of our Cradle-to-grave Record Keeping service. We can also assist you with manifest preparation and documentation of all units. Interested in learning more?

Contact members of our Environmental Services Team:

Mike Dahl - Environmental, Safety and Health ManagerMike Dahl
Environmental, Safety and Health Manager

Mike manages and coordinates environmental activities at all locations.
(785) 655-2191 ext. 191
Twila Jeffrey - Environmental Compliance CoordinatorTwila Jeffrey
Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Solomon, KS. location
Twila is responsible for sampling and tracking regulated units through our process. She can help with your manifest and transportation questions.

(785) 655-2191 ext. 122
Danny Jennings - Environmental CoordinatorDanny Jennings
Environmental Coordinator

Decatur, TN. location
Danny handles CDs, customer support and compliance in Decatur, TN.

(423) 334-2666 ext. 419
Bob Baird - Lab ManagerBob Baird
Lab Manager

Solomon, KS. location
Bob handles CDs and customer support for Georgetown, TX.

(785) 655-2191 ext. 143

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Solomon Corporation is a valued resource for proper testing, storage, and disposal of PCB-contaminated equipment. We have commercial storage in Solomon, Kansas and Georgetown, Texas. We also offer repair, recycling, and disposal of power transformers and regulators. For more information about our Environmental Services, or to request a quote, please click here to contact us today.

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